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Open Computing Wiki

  • The name and user ID of registered users of the wiki are publicly accessible through the Internet.
  • Email addresses of the registered users are used only by the site administrators to contact users with information about the site (such as a move to a different address or a change in policy) and by the wiki software according to the options selected in the user's preferences (e.g., notification of changes to pages in the user's watchlist).
  • Editing this wiki's content without an account, will expose the IP address from where the editing originates.
  • Using an account to contribute to this wiki's content will disclose the contributor's IP address to the wiki's administrators via the CheckUser extension, and shared with others in cases of persistent vadalism.
  • Information placed into wiki pages is publicly accessible.
  • See the Wikimedia Foundation's privacy policy for a more thorough discussion of wiki practices and policies.