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What is Violet UML Editor?

Violet UML Editor is an open-source program that is intended for developers, students, teachers, and authors who need to produce simple Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams quickly. Violet is a cross-platform editor that is easy to learn and use and draws simple UML diagrams.

How to download and install Violet UML Editor

Figure 1. SourceForge Violet Download Screenshot
Cay Hortsmann's website
Alexander de Pellegrin's website
  • Both sites are written by the authors of Violet UML Editor. Alexander de Pellegrin's website contains more demos and help documentation.
  • Both sites direct users to SourceForge to download Violet. The link to download from SourceForge is
  • Note: No SourceForge account is needed to download.
  • Click the green button that reads "Download Now!" (see Figure 1)
  • A new window will pop-up (see Figure 2).
  • Click OK.
Figure 2. Opening Violet.jar file
Violet UML Editor is now installed!
  • Note: Violet will only work on a computer that has Java installed.

Download Java at

To create a new class diagram

  • From the main Violet screen, select "class diagram".
  • A new class diagram will be displayed.
  • To add a Class, select Class, under Diagram tools on the left-hand side. Then click anywhere on the gridlines screen. This will create a new class object.
  • Right-click the Class object to edit its Properties (see Figure 3).
  • To move an object select "Select", under Diagram tools, and then click the object to move it.
  • If a class diagram was created in error, click on the object and press the red X under Standard buttons on the right-hand side, or use the delete key on the keyboard.
Figure 3. Editing Properties
  • Any number of Class objects can be placed in the diagram.
  • To draw a line from one Class object to other, select an arrow. For example: "Depends on" in Diagram tools. Draw the line by dragging the mouse from one object to the other. This will create a line.
  • Right-click on the line to edit its properties (Arrow head, Labels, bent & line style).
  • The example will look something like Figure 4.
Figure 4. Class Diagram Example

To export diagram

  • The file must first be saved as a Class Diagram File type first (File > Save As).
  • After to export image, Select File > Export To > Image File
  • This will allow the file to be saved as a .png file instead of a Violet file type.