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My name is Daniel Lutz. I am a senior and my major is CIS. I am one of the two CIS System Administrators for the CIS department's servers.
I am in the DONATE team for the CIS505 group project.

P3 Review


P4 Status Report

1.What role(s) have you assumed?
Implementor, Reviewer, and Team Leader.

2.What tasks have you performed to fulfill responsibilities of your role(s)?
Coordinated meetings with other team members and directed the work process for integrating the donate database with the interface.

3.What work products have you completed?
As a team Matt W., Matt E., and I worked together with our combined understanding to implement the user login for the web application and redesigning the interface to connect with the database. The work product is a prototype which allows the user to log on and add a donor to the database.

4.How did you collaborate?
We worked together at the school and communicated through email to schedule the meeting. Documents were exchanged via email and uploaded on the team website.

5.What infrastructure resources have you used to do your work? Be clear (that’s specific).
MySQL was used for creating the database, and Netbeans was used to edit the php files for merging with the database.

6.What tasks and work products do you plan to do for P5?
Add additional features to the web application to enhance usability and functionality.