Speech:Summer 2011 Jeff Knight

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Week Ending July 6, 2011

Learn about the Speech Project
Learn and practice Linux terminal commands
Familiarize myself with openSUSE
Research NFS/NFS Mounting

First, I researched this project's wiki. After I had developed a basic understanding of the project, I started practicing Linux terminal commands using openSUSE 11.4. Once I had the basics down, I starting researching the NFS protocol and it's necessary software requirements using YAST and the internet. I then used Putty to connect my home computer (using Windows 7) to Caesar. I created a new directory named /mnt/main for the NFS mount. Also, I created a new test group (unhm)and two new sample users (jknight and mjonas). Just for fun, I tried connecting to Caesar using openSUSE. It actually took me longer than I expected, but soon enough found out that to do so requires just one simple command. I attempted to complete the mount using the terminal, but have concluded that using the GUI on Caesar will be the best route to take. This will simplify the process and also reduce the number of potential mistakes.


I need to go to UNHM and complete the NFS mount using Caesar. Once I have this completed, I will start working on Asterix. Then I can test that everything has been configured correctly.


I don't any real major concerns. I definitely still do need practice with terminal syntax. Other then that, things are going pretty smoothly.