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Group Member Information

Team Member Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Nicholas Bielinski All Day Up to 3:00pm, after 9:30pm Up to 2:30pm, after 9:30pm In class, after 7:30pm All Day All Day All Day
Zachary Dudek All Day All Day All Day Up to 2:00pm, after 8:30pm Up to 5:30pm, after 8:30pm All Day All Day
Cody Roberge All Day After 3:30pm After 8:30pm After 2:00pm After 8:30pm After 2:30pm All Day


  • Organize and archive the old experiments in the Exp folder.
  • Go through all the scripts and make sure they are still relevant and useful. Make sure the script is accurately reflected and is clearly described on the wiki page.
  • After going through all the existing scripts we are going to make note of the most commonly used scripts and look for ways of improvement such as making them more user friendly, up to date with the classes needs, and merging scripts that are used one after another.
  • Fix media wiki to get rid of wildcat
  • Fix addExp.pl.
    • {color|red|Remove the wildcats functionality and add AD only}
    • Force the script to create a sub experiment if creating a root experiment
  • Understand "copy experiment". For decode and train improve.
  • Make experiment.

Team Log

Week Ending February 7th, 2017

  • We worked on our proposal
  • Started making changes to our group page
  • Created goals for ourselves to achieve in the future
  • Joined a team slack channel for better communication outside of class

Week Ending February 14th, 2017

  • Worked on and finished fixing addExp.pl
  • Continued working on our proposal
  • Created the Team Log category for our group page