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(Week Ending May 2, 2017)
(Week Ending May 9, 2017)
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:5/6/2017 - Get on and Log.
:5/6/2017 - Logged.
:5/6/2017 - Log.
:5/6/2017 - No internet

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Week Ending February 7th, 2017

2-1-2017 - Setup the Experiments page with teammates. Look around the wiki to see if we can learn anything new.
2-5-2017 - Came on to write my log. I forgot to do my in class log cause I was busy focusing on the Experiments page and looking around.
2-6-2017 - Write my log.
2-7-2017 - Review proposal to insure accuracy. Also go through some of the past experiments and take notes on them
2-1-2017 - Page seems to be mostly, if not completely, setup for future classes. Learned some knowledge while looking around.
2-5-2017 - Did log.
2-6-2017 - Did log.
2-7-2017 - Reviewed proposal. Appears to be good but I will review again. Also went through some but not terribly too many experiments. Will be going through them more after my team gets a game plan on how we will go through them.
2-1-2017 - Add anything to the page we might want (like a schedule).
2-5-2017 - Write log.
2-6-2017 - Write log.
2-7-2017 - Nothing really. Just review proposal, go to some experiments.
2-1-2017 - If two people edit at once there might be an issue merging if there is merging.
2-5-2017 - No internet.
2-6-2017 - No internet.
2-7-2017 - No internet.

Week Ending February 14, 2017

2-8-2017 - My task specifically today was to work on the proposal (add more information, grammar check) with my team and to work on any of the tasks possible. As far as those tasks go I worked on two of the tasks. The first task was to get rid of "wildcats" and only have AD on the login page for the foss wiki. The second one was to work on one of the perl files (addExp.pl) to make it default to AD only (since wildcats does not exist anymore) and to force a sub exp create when a root one is made.
2-13-2017 - Came on to write my log. I forgot to write my log for yesterday so I am also going to write that log. Yesterday I did a quick scan of the experiment page to see for any changes.
2-14-2017 - Do thorough research on the addExp.pl file. We did half of our goal for it already (get rid of the useless domain) but my research was more so for the other half. We need to make it so a sub directory is created when the root directory is created. I looked into different ways to go about this. I also looked at the same code to see if there was a possibility of making it "cleaner" which goes under another of our objectives as a team.
2-8-2017 - I successfully completed a review of the proposal and will be reviewing again at a later time. As far as the editing of the perl file is concerned I, along with another member of the team, have completed half the task. We managed to make it so it defaults to AD only (and added a little extra...made it so AD/ showed up at the beginning of the string input to try and get rid of any confusion with the domain name). And the other task, getting rid of the wildcats in the login, was not done either. We actually handed it off to someone else who has access to the foss server. We logged into the wiki using special credentials and we couldn't edit the wiki so we suspect we need to do something local.
2-13-2017 - Wrote log. And for yesterday I did not notice a change although it was a quick scan.
2-14-2017 - I found that there would primarily be two ways of getting this done. Both ways include accessing a boolean variable that tells the code whether or not to skip the use input inside of the sub directory sub method. I don't need to ask for the root number when I already have it from the original creation. With that, I need to pass that number in as well. The way that I will go about it is either through parameters, or global.
2-8-2017 - To be honest I don't really have much of a plan. I had to get more comfortable with putty first off. One I can comfortably navigate I need to open the .pl file and read through it to familiarize myself with it. For the login page I just planned on looking around anywhere and everywhere in hopes to find it, and if not, just hand it off.
2-13-2017 - Write log. And for yesterday, just quickly scan the group page.
2-14-2017 - Talk to my group about which they may think is better (parameters, or global). Then proceed based off of the final decision.
2-8-2017 - Markup might not have exactly what I want.
2-13-2017 - No Internet.
2-14-2017 - No Internet.

Week Ending February 21, 2017

2-18-2017 - Came on to log.
2-19-2017 - Came on to log.
2-20-2017 - My main objective was to complete the addExp.pl change. The final change that had to be made to complete it was make a sub page (sub exp) whenever someone created a root. So, if they do sub only, that is still the same process, but if they do root, then also create sub (but don't need the extra stuff..ex: don't have to ask for login info again). The other objective I had was to clean up the file to make it look nicer, and if possible, more efficient.
NOTE TO JONAS : I had tried to save a log but I guess it didn't save? Either way, I didn't double check if it was there. Counted or not, I just want to make sure my log is written down for history at the very least.
2-21-2017 (wrote 2-22-2017 12:33 AM) - I forgot to update the addExp.pl page on the wiki page. I want to prep to do that for tomorrows class. Also I want to record questions down that I, or the team, might have for the possible tasks that we have ahead of us. Talking to Nick we have some concerns about possible changes that could make it easier for everyone and benefit.
2-18-2017 - Logged.
2-19-2017 - Logged.
2-20-2017 - The addExp.pl appears to be working correctly. If a root is created, a sub for it is also created (as intended). Now, about my other objective, I did find ways to clean it up (tab and spacing were also messed up, made it more consistent). Also fixed brackets to try and make it more readable. I did not get to dwell too deep in the efficient area though but from what I saw there was nothing I needed to do.
2-21-2017 (wrote 2-22-2017 12:33 AM) - Wrote down notes inside my google docs. Sadly (or is it?) not as much as I expected. Nick and myself have some questions about creating a make train (possible menu for list of choices in folder). Also I have some questions refering the copy task we have so we can get some clarification of the task.
2-18-2017 - Do log.
2-19-2017 - Do log.
2-20-2017 - Nothing really specifically. I knew that going into it I was just going to reuse the sub function and call it inside of the root function. I just needed to figure out how to utilize parameters sent through the method call.
2-21-2017 (wrote 2-22-2017 12:33 AM) - Look at tasks and see if I have any questions about them. Copy the code into a document to prep the transition.
2-18-2017 - No internet.
2-19-2017 - No internet.
2-20-2017 - Parameters causing potential issues, or just looking plain ugly.
2-21-2017 (wrote 2-22-2017 12:33 AM) - My log not saving T.T

Week Ending February 28, 2017

2-22-2017 (Written 2-27-2017 7:21) - My task for class was to review the tasks at hand with the team. After that I am to work with the Data group to help them with their regex. Also, along with just helping them, I am not only going to review the regex itself but also review the rest of the program to see if there is any improvements to be had.
2-28-2017 - This is not very specific but I am going to be an assistance as of now for Jake and/or nick when it comes to working on the copy train. I will review and help in anyway that I can (this will be a continuous thing for everything, but specifically right now it is only on make train). Also look into the files/settings within a train. Will have to look into changing it with Jake.
2-22-2017 (Written 2-27-2017 7:21) - I have successfully viewed the tasks and see what my objective is. Making sure that I understand making a train will be a necessity. A member of the Data group has found the file that contains the regex that needs to be viewed. We have decided that I will be supplied with sample texts and test the regex on these samples to confirm what each regex is suppose to do. I reviewed some of the file but not all.
2-28-2017 - I have reviewed a small bit of Jake's code. Wasn't sure about the $#ARGV so I confirmed with him. Will need to run a test on it to see what happens if you enter no args (3 params = 2 on $#ARGV apparently?). Looked into the regex stuff too. Started getting some sample files ready for testing today.
2-22-2017 (Written 2-27-2017 7:21) - Need to find the file. Then, with the regex, view the possible things that need to be filtered to compare and to contrast.
2-28-2017 - Try to be available as much as possible for Jake.
2-22-2017 (Written 2-27-2017 7:21) - Regex might be hard to understand.
2-28-2017 - nah.

Week Ending March 7, 2017

3-3-2017 - Got on to log.
3-6-2017 (12:08pm) - Got on to log.
3-7-2017 - I redid my train (first one had issues, should have redone it earlier though). That was the main goal of it. Other than that, I want to review our group page and look at our goals. Make preparations for class to make our group page more accurate (logs, objectives, etc). Also I want to review what my teammates have been up to.
3-3-2017 - Logged.
3-6-2017 (12:08pm) - Logged.
3-7-2017 - Started my train again. Hadn't made the page yet. Reviewed group and noticed that it is not as accurate as I would like it to be (and some script pages might be inaccurate, need to update in class tomorrow). Also, am going to talk to team tomorrow to talk about our weekly log so we can keep a general weekly log again that summarized us as a team. Also, reviewed teammates actions.
3-3-2017 - Log.
3-6-2017 (12:08pm) - Log.
3-7-2017 - Follow instructions for train. Other than that, mark down any notes that I see fit for tomorrow.
3-3-2017 - No internet.
3-6-2017 (12:08pm) - No internet.
3-7-2017 - Instructions will cause confusion again.

Week Ending March 21, 2017

3-19-2017 (3:49) - Log on to write log.
3-20-2017 (12:11) - Log on to write log.
3-21-2017 (12:17) - Since it has been so long I want to review everyone's logs. This is important because I have not been in touch as much as I normally would be and I want to make sure I am catch up. This is actually going to include other members of other groups, especially Data (being that I am closely working with them currently). Also want to talk to Matt to double check out plan for the regex.
3-22-2017 (12:25) - Sadly, I forgot to do it before midnight :(. I did not have entirely too much planned for today. It has been a while since I have had a good full on communication with my team or anyone else in the class (and in our own separate groups) so my main goal for this is to prepare for any possible meetings that I need to do tomorrow. Yesterday, I did a nice review of everything and today I want to do my main preparation.
3-19-2017 (3:49) - Logged on to write log.
3-20-2017 (12:11) - Logged on to write log.
3-21-2017 (12:17) - I have successfully caught up with everyone that I believe I need to. Skimmed some others. Also communicated with Matt about our plan.
3-22-2017 (12:25) - I have create a nice preparation. I will review before class tomorrow to see if I should add anything further.
3-19-2017 (3:49) - Log on to write log.
3-20-2017 (12:11) - Log on to write log.
3-21-2017 (12:17) - Read logs. Talk to Matt.
3-22-2017 (12:25) - Prepare fortomorrow.
3-19-2017 (3:49) - No internet.
3-20-2017 (12:11) - No internet.
3-21-2017 (12:20) - No internet.
3-22-2017 (12:25) - No internet.

Week Ending March 28, 2017

3/25/2017 - Come on to log.
3/27/2017 (12:25 AM) - Come on to log.
3/28/2017 - First I want to keep monitor of how the data group is doing with the new regex. There is a member of the data group that is familiar with it, Matt, so I have a direct communication about it. With this task I also want to slowly step through the whole creating train/decode process. I want to make sure the instructions are clear and not confusing where possible as this seemed to be an issue with most, if not all, of the class.
3/25/2017 - Logged.
3/27/2017 (12:25 AM) - Logged.
3/28/2017 - Like I said before, I have a direct connection, Matt, and I have not heard anything from him. I am also in the data group's group chat on slack and have not read anything about it. I have reviewed some logs but not all and looks like there is not much for me to worry about. With the text review, I only got most of the first step because a teammate needed some assistance with debugging code.
3/25/2017 - Log.
3/27/2017 (12:25 AM) - Log.
3/28/2017 - Read data group logs, view chat, and keep and ear out in case Matt has anything. Also, for the other part, just need to slowly read it and do the steps slowly to make sure it says what it needs to say.
3/25/2017 - No internet.
3/27/2017 (12:25 AM) - No internet.
3/28/2017 - No internet because then I wouldn't be able to check logs!

Week Ending April 4, 2017

4/2/2017 (12:06 AM) - Come on to log.
4/3/2017 (01:00 AM) - Come on to log.
4/4/2017 - The main task/goal for me is to review the code that we have created. Since previous perl/scripts have already been made and been in used for a while those will be reviewed at some point, just not yet. The main focus is ours since it is being freshly made. Also, read logs of teammates who worked on these scripts to help my understanding of them.
4/2/2017 (12:06 AM) - Logged.
4/3/2017 (01:00 AM) - Logged.
4/4/2017 - Not all scripts were completed but they seemed to be fairly efficient/tabbed correctly. Will do a full revision at a later time but this time only took notes.
4/2/2017 (12:06 AM) - Log.
4/3/2017 (01:00 AM) - Log.
4/4/2017 - Look through scripts that our group made. Review logs of teammates as needed.
4/2/2017 (12:06 AM) - No internet.
4/3/2017 (01:00 AM) - No internet.
4/4/2017 - No access to logs to server.

Week Ending April 11, 2017

4/8/2017 - Come on to log.
4/10/2017 (2:05AM) - Come on to log.
4/8/2017 - Logged.
4/10/2017 (2:05AM) - Logged.
4/8/2017 - Log.
4/10/2017 (2:05AM) - Log.
4/8/2017 - No internet.
4/10/2017 (2:05AM) - No internet.

Week Ending April 18, 2017

4/17/2017 (12:11 AM) - Come on to log.
4/18/2017 - Come on to log.
4/17/2017 (12:11 AM) - Logged.
4/18/2017 - Logged.
4/17/2017 (12:11 AM) - Log.
4/18/2017 - Log.
4/17/2017 (12:11 AM) - No internet.
4/18/2017 - No internet.

Week Ending April 25, 2017

4/21/2017 - Log.
4/23/2017 - Log.
4/25/2017 - I have been having trouble connecting to the server at home so my main task is to prepare for when I can actually connect to the server and do stuff. I am going to review our team page and see what needs to be done. Also review team logs along side seeing if there is anything I need to complete. I will want to take note to talk to team about scripts being made.
4/21/2017 - Logged.
4/23/2017 - Logged.
4/25/2017 - I have reviewed everything and I have taken notes where I believe see fit. I understand what needs to be done and will try and do those things tomorrow during class. I will also see if I can fix my connection problem.
4/21/2017 - Get on and log.
4/23/2017 - Get on and log.
4/25/2017 - Go through and read teams logs. Also check the teams page and read stuff there. Take notes in google docs.
4/21/2017 - No internet.
4/23/2017 - No internet.
4/25/2017 - Internet goes bye bye.

Week Ending May 2, 2017

4/29/2017 - Come on and log.
4/30/2017 - Come on and log.
5/2/2017 (12:57) - Do a test run of the train to make sure it is still working with the changes. Delete stuff because they aren't actually needed, just to test if stuff is still working. Will fix at a later date if anything is broken and use those newly created trains to test.
5/2/2017 - Review logs mainly. I want to see what people are up to and see if there are any more testing that should be done to make sure things are working properly. Review scripts to make sure they are updated online. Also, I want to continue work that I was doing yesterday/early morning today.
4/29/2017 - Logged.
4/30/2017 - Logged.
5/2/2017 (12:57) - Tested some but not completed. I was having some connectivity issues for whatever reason and I think someone else was doing a run as well? Or I am being stupid. Either way, it doesn't seem like any of the scripts that were here for are broken.
5/2/2017 - Reviewed some, not all, logs. It gave me a good idea but it doesn't seem like there is anything that I need to test. I reviewed some scripts but I think it would be better to wait until I have more time and not busy with other classes. Did some more work from yesterday/early morning. Still have some to do.
4/29/2017 - Log.
4/30/2017 - Log.
5/2/2017 (12:57) - Run train.
5/2/2017 - Read. review. Nothing special.
4/29/2017 - No internet.
4/30/2017 - No internet.
5/2/2017 (12:57) - Can't connect to server.
5/2/2017 - Can't connect to server.

Week Ending May 9, 2017

5/6/2017 - Get on and Log.
5/6/2017 - Logged.
5/6/2017 - Log.
5/6/2017 - No internet