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Week Ending February 3, 2015



  • Read logs from past semesters Systems Groups
  • Read the RedHat installation documentation once completed (2/1/2015?)
  • Setup a RedHat virtual machine to get more familiar with RedHat and Linux commands
  • Learn more about the experiments, from reading through past semester logs



  • Read logs
  • Installed Virtual Box on home computer and laptop
  • Created two RedHat test virtual machines
  • Practiced Linux commands on RedHat virtual machine


  • Read logs
  • Updated Systems Group page to include members and links to each members logs.
  • Added some more information about the Systems Group page


  • Read logs from previous systems groups
    • Looked at the proposal of the switch to Fedora
    • Was looking for a proposal of the switch for Fedora to RedHat
  • Practice some Linux commands that allow the transfer of files between two servers.
    • This is something we will have to do eventually when we transfer the files of old Caesar server to the new server.


  • Read logs
  • Practiced Linux commands on RedHat virtual machine.
  • Wrote up a rough draft of the Systems Group's Proposal with the current information I have. Will discuss with group of what should be added or changed.
  • Read the RedHat installation documentation.

  • Add more information about the Systems Group page:
    • The team' to do list
    • Timeline for the tasks
    • Weekly log
    • Proposal
    • Team schedule
  • Learn more about RedHat and how to configure a system.

  • How will we handling backups?

Week Ending February 10, 2015

  • Install putty and SSH into Caesar from home
  • Install RedHat on Methusalix and ensuring it is working properly.
  • Run train experiments with group on Brutus and Caesar and compare results
  • Copy files with group from Caesar to Brutus
  • Ensure configurations of all servers are complete (should be able to connect with each server)


  • Started installation of RedHat on server Methusalix, wasn't able to complete the installation today, will need to come in another day to finish install.
  • Read logs on how to run a train.


  • Reading more logs on how to run a train to prepare for the train test
  • Installed putty on home computer and was successfully able to SSH into Caesar
  • Practiced Linux commands


  • Read logs on running a train.
  • Practiced Linux commands (network configurations, transferring files)
  • SSH into Caesar to get more familiar with the file structure


  • Read groups logs on the experiment for Caesar
  • Practiced Linux commands
  • Talked with group about meeting tomorrow before class to get some work done
  • Read through systems wiki pages to find what is out of date.

  • Meeting with group later this week to finish installation of RedHat and start train experiments
  • Discuss with group on what should be update on the Wiki about the systems

  • Need to get our group's Proposal finished as soon as possible so it will be ready for the draft.

Week Ending February 17, 2015

  • Discuss with group about meeting again later this week to catch up on work.
  • Need to finish installation of RedHat using documentation
  • Update RedHat install documentation with more information
  • Start updating systems wiki pages
  • Finish systems group proposal



  • Tried to work on installation before class, but wasn't able to get access to server room.
  • Updated the systems group proposal on the Wiki
  • Added weekly tasks to the proposal on wiki
  • Still need to finish introduction and add more details about tasks and implementation


  • Finished test installation of RedHat on Verleihnix server.
  • Worked with group to go through documentation and find what needs to be added. Many steps were missing in the original RedHat install documentation or weren't very clear.
  • Update the systems group proposal on the wiki page. The introduction and implementation were lacking, so I added more information and details. Need to discuss with the group of what needs to be added for the final draft.


  • Tested remote connection of Verleihnix by SSH into Caesar and then SSH to Verleihnix.
  • Checked the logs of the RedHat installation to see what else needs to be corrected. Doesn't have enough information about the network configurations, which is a issue the group is having currently.
  • Checked the network settings of other servers to compare with Verleihnix.
  • Contacted group with a progress update for this week.


  • Meet with group at school to finish network configurations and activate RedHat with license key.
    • Unfortunately there was a power outrage in the server room and we were unable to finish this task today.
  • Group is planning to meet before next class to finish the network setup and to go over the systems wiki page changes.
  • Read more about the systems wiki page to find what is out of date and needs to be updated.



  • Need to finish network configuration and RedHat activation on Verleihnix.
  • Discuss with group about how the train experiments.


  • Discuss with group about the changes that need to be made for final proposal.
  • Update systems wiki pages

  • RedHat install documentation needs to be updated so future installations go smoother.

Week Ending February 24, 2015

  • Setup network bridge between Brutus and the drone servers so they can access the internet.
  • Finish systems proposal
  • Start working with group on train experiments
  • Update systems wiki pages
  • Create a plan with the steps of the migration from Caesar to Brutus server.



  • Worked with team to attempt a network bridge from the client servers to Caesar.
    • Had some issues with getting the server client to access the internet. Need to investigate further using RedHat online resources.
  • Talked to group about coming in to school another day to try the network bridge again, after doing more research.


  • Read logs about the network bridge install on the wiki. It looks like that was a bridge for openSUSE and RedHat has a different way to setup a network bridge.
  • Made some changes to the proposal draft, will need to discuss with group about further changes.
  • Read through the systems information wiki pages to find what needs to be changed / updated.


  • Read more about network bridges on RedHat's online resource site.
  • Looked up information on the wiki about running trains
  • Edited systems proposal, adding dates to the tasks that will be completed and assigning who will work on each task.


  • Talked with group today, and they managed to get the network bridge setup on one of the server clients today.
  • Read over the RedHat installation to make sure everything is clear and organized for future installations.
  • Will continue to read about experiments on the wiki for the upcoming train tests our group will need to do before the transition from Caesar to Brutus.

  • Need to finish proposal by Wednesday 2/25/2015
  • Discuss with group on the steps and timeline for Caesar transition to Brutus


Week Ending March 3, 2015

  • Migration from Caesar to Brutus (plan in place for the migration, starting Monday (03/02/2015)
  • Complete Brutus RedHat install configuration / network setup



  • Installed RedHat on Brutus and group added documentation of install on Wiki
  • Started research for best way to copy files from Caesar to Brutus
  • Edited systems group task timeline for the proposal (added more details and specific times for the Caesar migration)


  • Attempted to SSH into Brutus, but was getting a known hosts error with the verification key, will need to research to resolve issue.
  • Read logs about running trains, preparing for the train boot camp in the upcoming weeks


  • Attempted to start copy of files from Caesar to Brutus, but we had an issue with the partitions on Brutus.
    • /home had 3 TB of data and we tried to resize that to 50GB, so we could use the rest of that space for /mnt/main
    • We were successful in resizing /home on Brutus to 50 GB, but we couldn't find a way to see unallocated space on the server to create a new partition. (documentation will be on systems group page)
    • We spent about 3 hours trying to fix this issue and start the copy process, but we were unable to complete the task today.
    • We will be researching a fix for this problem and starting the copy process tomorrow 03/03/2015.

  • Migration from Caesar to Brutus will be a tough job for the upcoming week

Week Ending March 10, 2015

  • Migration from Caesar to Brutus
  • Finish copy of files from Caesar to Brutus and verify file permissions.
  • Run user scripts on Brutus
  • Compare train results
  • Mount drone servers to Brutus when we switch Brutus in for Caesar.


03/03/2015 (documentation)

Steps to setup /mnt/main on Brutus:

- vgs command to see free space available in volume group

1. lvcreate -L 1.5T -n lv_main vg_brutus (creates logical volume: lv_main in volume group: brutus) (should've used 3.52T) - Decided to go with a lower amount in case space was needed for other drives and it is easier to add space later than it is to reduce it.

(lvs - displays logical volumes)

2. Edit fstab - add mount point /mnt/main (fstab is config file that allows you to create mount points)

/dev/mapper/vg_brutus-lv_main /mnt/main ext4 defaults 1 2 (this is the line added to fstab so /mnt/main boots up with server and is configured)

3. mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/vg_brutus-lv_main (creates file system ext4 is commonly used)

4. mount -a (mounts /mnt/main)


  • Re-sized /mnt/main partition and file system from 1.5T to 3.52T
    • umount /mnt/main
    • lvextend -l +2.2T /dev/mapper/brutus_lvm-main
    • resize2fs /dev/mapper/brutus_lvm-main
    • mount /mnt/main
    • vgs and lvs commands to display volume group and logical volumes
  • Verified that there was no data loss on Brutus after the re-size of the partition and file system.
  • Starting verification of files in Exp directory for Brutus and Caesar


  • Verified files on Brutus by comparing directories on Brutus and Caesar using ls -all.
  • Read logs about running train experiments.


  • Updated systems group wiki page with information about how the logical volumes were created and resized on brutus.
  • Verified file permissions between Brutus and Caesar, will add documentation on wiki page.
  • Read more about running trains.


  • Didn't have enough time / ran into issues so we were untable to finish switch over of Caesar to Brutus, need to talk with group on setting up a better timeline with task breakdown.

Week Ending March 24, 2015

  • Attempt to run an experiment.
  • Discuss with Bruins group the objectives of our group for the remaining semester.



  • Read logs on running experiments, attempted to start a train, but Caesar server is down. Trying to work with the systems group members to find what the problem is, maybe related to the school move.
  • Talked with Bruins group by email over the break about what our team is planning to do.


  • Caesar server is still down and I haven't heard back from the other systems group members. I am assuming this is related to the school moving this week. I am unable to get to school this week to check on the server and the school is closed anyways because of the move.
  • Read logs about train experiments


  • Read logs about train experiments
  • Found out from systems group members that Caesar is running, but we are unable to access it due to a network issue.


  • Found out that the UNH Manchester VPN is down, was unable to log in on school laptops in class today. This could be part of the reason why Caesar is not accessible.
  • Looking for possible solutions to Caesar server problem.
  • Read logs about experiments.


  • Can't SSH into Caesar

Week Ending March 31, 2015



  • Reading logs on running trains and preparing to run a 5hr train over the weekend.
  • Need to change permissions on group directory to create my sub experiment
  • Preparing to run a 125hr train later this week




Week Ending April 7, 2015





Week Ending April 14, 2015





Week Ending April 21, 2015





Week Ending April 28, 2015





Week Ending May 5, 2015