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Week Ending Feburary 6th, 2012


Item 1: Reading over WIKI page from previous classes and reading class mates logs. Familiarizing myself with using FOSS Wiki for the first time

Item 2: Looking around Caesar and developing a feel for what is loaded on it and become more familiar navigating around in the Unix Environment. Downloading Sphinx and trying to run in Ubuntu. Looks like might need to go with Suse I will report back after further evaluation.


After talking it over with Aaron it seems the school servers are all on Suse so in order to avoid conflict down the road will try it on there instead of Ubuntu. It also seems the version of sphinx I have is 4.0 so I need to find 3.0


Downloading Suse and look for version 3.0 of sphinx


I worry that I don't know enough about the topic at hand that I won't be able to put all together in the allocated time of the semester.

Week Ending Feburary 13th, 2012

  • Reformatted page based on Professor Jonas's recommendation
  • Downloading Suse and looking for Sphinx 3.0
  • Read over other students logs
  • Installed Open Suse
  • Looked for Sphinx 3.0 on google and on CMU site seemed to not have luck. Will proceed with 4.0 in next few days. Read more about sphinx and how it works in relation to speech and the program it's self. Below are some good links.





Suse was installed successfully and is working. I am learning its ins and outs. It looks like Windows but its folder management system seems different from Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X. I learned more about sphinx from looking over the website and the above links. I feel like I am starting to grasp the general concepts better than before hand. Using Sphinx though isn't so straight forward as I use it and Suse more I am sure I will start to get more familiar with the system and how programs are run etc.


I will work more with sphinx next week to fully start learning the programs and research more into speech from last weeks lessons and thoroughly reading through cmu website again.


My concerns are the same as they were in the beginning. I just worry about the overall scope of the project being met in such a short time frame

Week Ending Feburary 20th, 2012

  • Redesign Wiki page for the rest of the semester
  • Install Sphinx 3
  • Skype meeting with team and Professor Jonas Friday at 3pm
  • Begin to get a grasp of sphinx and how to perform my task's


Tuesday Results

  • Went through my Wiki Page and set up the rest of the semester so it should be more straight forward now to edit and stay on top of wiki entries
  • Thanks to class mates work found sphinx 3 and brought it into Suse. Noticed that Suse handles desktop dropping differently than Ubuntu, OS X, and Windows so it took a few minutes to find the file again. I expanded the package which was a .tar file. It seems to expand fine. I ran an auto load file which was a text but seem to start the application install process which took a bit because there were hundreds of files in the expanded folder. I kept running into install problems around 66% where it would say it was missing files so I began to manually search for them to no availability. After talking to Brice and Aaron they had figured out how to install it and put up a guide for it. I will follow there directions in the next few days to finalize completion of install.

Friday Results

  • Myself, Aaron and Brice met with Professor Jonas over Skype to discuss a method of attack. We discusses some more detailed unix command that we were not familiar with such as grep and how it could work. He also walked us through where to find important files and a general method for how we need to accomplish our goals either through detailed unix commands or beginning to work on Perl scripts. I don't believe any of us really know Perl at this point so that will be a future challenge I am sure. We also discussed what our goal should be for proposal and Professor Jonas had to some good recommendation for that also
  • I also went through and browsed through other students logs to see what kind of progress we were making on all fronts

Sunday Results

  • Read over class mates logs
  • Read over past class logs again to pick up some hints that they have left for us. As I learn more on the topic it starts to make sense a bit more.

Monday Results

  • Installing sphinx but and running into problems still with it. I am going by the guidelines that Aaron and Brice posted I am having problems getting the c compeller to install correctly I will work on it through the night and hopefully have it up by class tomorrow.

Next week we will be setting up the proposal and finalizing all the details of what we need to accomplish by group member with dates so it will be easier to stay on task.


After talking to Professor Jonas about what we need to accomplish I am just worried with a month to pull off the amount of stuff we need to do. Should be challenging but look forward to giving it a whirl.

Week Ending Feburary 27th, 2012

  • Work on and finish proposal
  • Get sphinx up and running
  • Begin working on tasks of proposal


  • I have not been able to get sphinx to install on Suse. I spent many hours trying to figure out why I would get an error on the last part when it came to the c compiler. I decided to reinstall Suse thinking it might have been missing repositories. I still get the same error on Sphinx when trying to install saying its missing the necessary disk. I tried mounting the ISo of Suse and then tried mounting the Vmware Tools disk and nothing seems to work as of now. I am going to side track on this now and start working on the proposal .


  • Read logs


  • Read over classmates logs and and the proposal. It seems to be mostly done from the whole class with definite timeline and direction.
  • Working on my part of the proposal have some ideas on how it should go but will be emailing professor Jonas to make sure I am the right ballpark. After I hear back I will be putting up my part of the proposal for monday.


  • Did my part of the proposal. I had been working out ideas the last few days but after hearing back from Professor Jonas was able to research some more on my topic and complete my part.
  • Read over logs and the current state of the proposal I noticed there are some empty spot so I am going to look over it and see if there is anything I could contribute in the other sections.

I will now begin to work on the the tasks I have outlined in the proposal, which for next week will include looking into wav files and transcripts


None this week

Week Ending March 5, 2012

  • Work on verifying wav files and transcripts which we will need for train and decode
  • Research into the dictionary files currently on Caesar and what I will need to do go get them up to pace


  • Reviewing the proposal from the group for the final submission tonight
  • Looking through caesar for the current dictionary included to see what i will be doing with them. I found the first one under /speechtools/SphinxTrain-1.0/train1/etc - The my.dict file. The second example I found was under /speechtools/SphinxTrain-1.0/etc and is the time.dict file. I performed a cat command on both and then copied the results into a spreadsheet to compare the results. They are similar except time.dict contains 500 entries and train1.dic contains 520. The third dictionary file I found was my.dict which is found under /speechtools/SphinxTrain-1.0/train1/etc. This file contains 508 entries. They also do not contain the phonetic spelling next to the word where as the other items included do contain it. An example is ABOUT - AH B AW T
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