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Experiment number: 0003

... We have followed all steps to make sure software is correctly installed on our server traubadix and have begun to start training. We have been following steps done by the summer 2011 but I have put down commands that we have processed on our local server


1. Create train1 folder ~/speechtools/SphinxTrain-1.0 2. In that folder process ../scripts_pl/setup_SphinxTrain.pl -task train1 3. Create etc directory in train1 4. Execute the following script command ../scripts_pl/setup_SphinxTrain.pl -task train1 5. Move the scripts you need into the etc folder do it by using this command cp -i /mnt/main/root/docs/sphinx_train.cfg . 6. Create a wav folder mkdir wavTemp 7. CD to WavTemp 8. Copy media files (note we are linking not physically copying these files) cp -i /mnt/main/corpus/dist/Switchboard/disk1/swb1/sw02001.sph .