Speech:Spring 2012 April 24th Group 1

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Group Members

Group Log

Experiment number: 0001

Server: automatix

Skype Meeting: Friday 3pm

Link (soft link via ln -s) the .sph files instead of copying them to save disk space.

  • Jonathan
  • I ran into a couple of problems. One I needed to change the permissions on the Exp directory to be able to make a 0001 directory. I fix that problem.

COMMENT: Michael Jonas - Fixing it by giving all access is not the way to do it. Remember that we created cis790 group and you and Matt worked on making sure all the installed software uses those group permissions...same should hold for data in Exp.

  • I then found the that setup_SphinxTrain.pl script is at this path /mnt/main/scripts/speech/train/scripts_pl. The problem is that the executable files the script is looking for is in the wrong directory. I looked at the script and I am still trying to find where the script is looking for the executable files. If anyone has any ideas post here or skype me.

COMMENT: Michael Jonas - Ah yes, finally we are getting to some really important issues. This is going to be the hard part...teasing out Sphinx dependencies based on their file hierarchy to get it working under ours...this may not be easy.

Week 2

In class meeting: 4/17

Skype Meeting: Friday 4/20 2:30

Tentative Skype meeting: Sunday 4/22

Collaboration on Skype all week long via messaging

  • Changed the setup_SphinxTrain.pl being run from/mnt/main/scripts/user/SphinxTrain-1.0/scripts_pl
    • Changed the $SPHINXTRAINDIR variable from $0 "/mnt/main/root/tools/SphinxTrain-1.0/scripts_pl/setup_SphinxTrain.pl"
    • Was also changed in /mnt/main/scripts/user/
  • Copied the sphinx_train.cfg file to /mnt/main/root/docs/
    • Edited file to change the directories for the variables established in the config file
      • Directories now reflect that config file is located in /mnt/main and not in root in caesar
  • We're going to use the same transcript and .sph files that Brice used in April 10 group
    • Copied all files over that are needed into etc directory
      • phenoms dictionary, dictionary, etc.
  • Ran genPhones.csh without any errors.
  • Ran ./scripts_pl/make_feats.pl -ctl ./etc/0001.fileids
    • Received the following error:

automatix Exp/0001> ./scripts_pl/make_feats.pl -ctl ./etc/0001.fileids Configuration (e.g. etc/sphinx_train.cfg) not defined Compilation failed in require at ./scripts_pl/make_feats.pl line 43. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./scripts_pl/make_feats.pl line 43.

automatix Exp/0001> ./scripts_pl/make_feats.pl -ctl ./etc/0001.fileids INFO: wave2feat.c(139): /mnt/main/Exp/0001//wav/sw4805A-ms98-a-0027.sph ERROR: "wave2feat.c", line 655: Cannot read /mnt/main/Exp/0001//wav/sw4805A-ms98 -a-0027.sph FATAL_ERROR: "wave2feat.c", line 90: error converting files...exiting

    • NOTE: Changed 'wav' to 'wavTemp' in make_feats.pl (might need to change it back)
      • Also changed it in 0001/bin/
      • Don't get why it's trying to get the wav files from wav instead of wavTemp. I changed the variable so it should try to grab it from wavTemp instead but it's not changing