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A relational model diagram displays all of entities and their attributes and how they relate to each other.

Relational Model Entities and Attributes Definitions

Experiment User

Experiment User - A listing of Users involved in the experiments

  • User ID - Uniquely Identifies individual users

Experiment Admin

Experiment Admin -List of admins involved in the experiments

  • User ID- Composite Key
  • Last Name - Last Name of Admin
  • First Name- First Name of Admin
  • Phone - Admin phone number
  • Email - Admin Email Address
  • Campus - Admin's Campus


Experiment- Listing of experiments

  • Experiment Number- Primary Key that uniquely identifies each experiment
  • User ID- Foreign Key
  • Title- Title of Experiment
  • Date Created- Date Experiment was created
  • Date Modified- Date experiment was modified
  • Description- Description of experiment


Viewer- Listing Of viewers

  • User ID- Composite Key


Author- Listing of authors involved in the experiments

  • User Id- Composite Key
  • Last Name- Author's Last Name
  • First Name Author's First Name
  • Phone Author's Phone Number
  • Email Author's Email Address
  • Campus Author's Campus

Accessible Experiment

Accessible Experiment- Experiments that are available for viewing by users with the right privlidges

  • User ID- Composite Key
  • Experiment Number-Foreign Key


Keyword- Listing of keywords used to search for experiments

  • Keyword ID- Primary Key that uniquely identifies the keyword
  • Experiment Number- Foreign key
  • Keyword Name -Name of Keyword

URL Link

URL Link- Listing of URL links

  • URL ID- Primary Key that uniquely identifies each URL link
  • Experiment Number- Composite key
  • URL Name- Name of the URL


Attachment- List of attachments for experiments

  • Experiment Number- Foreign Key
  • Attachment Name- Name of attachment

Relational Model Diagram

P1 uml revised.png