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Database Group

Team Members

Weekly Log of Activities - Latest Week First

Week Ending April 25th

Tasks This Week

  • Create security role as author
  • Create ourselves in the user_id table
  • Come up with four experiments for experiment table
  • Get each experiment_Id and create author record
  • Send to Cedric for adding to main database
  • Add database portion to system design document -Cedric

Tasks Completed

Week Ending April 18th

Tasks This week

  • Sample data input from Dr J - Melissa/Chad
  • Query strings creation for FE group Melissa/Chad
  • Review current progress made by other teams and identify items for discussion next week - Cedric

Tasks Completed

  • Password field added to users. Diagrams updated.
  • Password field added to users - Cedric
  • Finalize SQL create database and tables scripts - Paskale and Cedric
  • Ensure scripts are rerunable - Paskale and Cedric
  • Comment sql scripts - Paskale
  • Update weekly log - Cedric and Melissa

Week Ending April 11th

Tasks This week

  • Database schema and documentation into RAD not on weekly log
  • SQL code for new schema completed - Paskale
  • Ensure checkout and checkin functionalty working for all team members
  • Review meeting if necessary

Tasks Completed* Sql scripts created

  • database schema documented
  • UML diagram created

Week Ending April 4th

Task List for Week 1 P1 - Due Apr 4th

  • Installation of Tools Complete and Running
  • Review existing Documentation from previous semester
  • Checkout existing codebase from Google code and review
  • Create first table Experiments and SQL database and table creation script
  • Implement on Mysql


  • Identified initial field and table requirements


User_Name (PK)

Role (FK)




Role (PK)



Exp_ID (PK)






Rec_ID (PK)

User_Name (FK)

Exp_ID (FK)

Datbase Diagram

Database Diagram.png

User Permission Diagram

User Permission Diagram.png

Diagrams of the Relational Schema have been uploaded to the Google Code Repository in PDF and MySQL Workbench formats.

Week Ending March 28th