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==Project scope==
==Project scope==

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The project description states the purpose of the project, introduces the project's sponsor, and summarizes in an abstract what problem the project solves and why the problem is important, what the project will accomplish and how it will do so, and what results are expected and what implications these results have. The role assumed by the developer that is responsible for the project description is the System Analyst.


To create a database that will store speech recordings for the SpEAK Capstone project that is being conducted at UNH Manchester . The SpEAK Capstone project is going to be a top of the line voice recognition software.Their is going to be multiple uses for the recordings including system testing, collaboration and integration.

Intended users

  • Students
  • Faculty

Project scope

The project scoop is to deliver a working error free relational database conforming to the project specifications, by 05/12/2011.


Capstone Speech project at UNH Manchester