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Minutes for January 30, 2019

Meeting time: 8:30PM - 9:00PM

Who was present: Everyone


  • Jim Canavan: Will cut down: What is a Programming Language
  • Roopesh Munnaluri: Will cut down: History of Programming lang
  • Gopi Raghavendra: Will cut down: How programming languages are made
  • Phani rahul: Will cut down: What Makes a good programming
  • Venkat Chowdary: Will cut down: Benefits of Programming Lang


We will chose/create a standardized template that has headers, titles, and paragraphs that all future chapters will conform to

Each Member will review a second of draft 5. They will cut down the amount of text that's there. Each member will read the entire text. They each highlight sentences of the other sections they're not assigned to that they think should be removed.

Minutes for February 7, 2019

Meeting time:



Minutes for February 13, 2019

Meeting time:

Who was present: Venkat Chowdary , Rahul Battula , Gopi Raghavendra, Jim Canavan


  • Jim will - Define Rules for Document Creation. Meaning, how to treat headings, code snippets, photos, paragraph text with regards to font style, size and font family etc..
  • Editors - Review & Edit 1 Second of "Introduction" text that is assigned/claimed each week. Make these revisions to the Draft6.


  • We defined our roles as a group
  * Venkat, Rahul, Gopi will be editors
  * Jim will be a reviewer
  • Each editor will revise a section of text each week. This will include removing unnecessary content from the main idea of each section.

Example: Draft 5 : "...similar to natural languages, such as English and French, that people use every day." Draft 6 : "...similar to natural languages, such as English and French."

  • The reviewer will review/edit the editors revisions. This is done to accomplish the goal of "a one voice text book"

  • Set meeting Cadence:
  • Review any issues with regards to understanding content
  • Review any issues with regards to change/add/delete content

Minutes for February 20, 2019

Meeting time: 9pm

Who was present: Jim Canavan & Prof Jonas


Project changed with other graduate students leaving class. Jim will concentrate on the following:

  • Get current state of textbook
    • Formatting: look at Draft 6 to highlight state of chapters (2 weeks)
      • Compare formatting of chapter 1 with other chapters
        • All Chapters start with a quote that can be applied to what the chapter is about. I like this.
        • Few Chapters are missing a quote, however there is a header for a quote to be inserted, this is uniformed and good.
        • All Chapters are uniformed with regards to using headers such as: "==Subject Title==" headings. This is good and looks good. Helps the reader navigate and is easy on the eyes.
        • Chapter 1 is disconnected in the sense that it covers both an Introduction and a deep history lesson of programming languages.
        • Chapter 1 does a good job at balancing the use of images, code blocks and tables. The positioning of non-text items is left aligned and makes sense.
        • Chapter 2 is the best with regards to formatting.
          • Uses bold for vocab words
          • Uniformity of photos, code snippets and tables
          • Blends paragraphs and bullet notes seamlessly
          • I have to scroll through the TOC on a 27" monitor........
        • Chapter 1 is mostly consistent in using bold for vocabulary words which are defined at the bottom of the page.
          • Chapter 1 is unnecessarily long.
            • Chapter 1 should be an introduction. Remove the history part of the chapter and make that it's own chapter.
      • Capture meta-knowledge of formatting decisions used in chapter 1
        • Key words are highlighted in bold or italic font. This is good, however each chapter uses one or the other. This should be uniformed.
        • Some chapters explain content using paragraphs, some use bullet notes and some use paragraphs mixed with a lot of code snippets.
        • Some code snippets are done using wiki-markdown, other code snippets are done using screen captures of text editors
        • Most chapters do not define vocabulary words at the bottom like chapter 1 does
      • Discuss changing/merging formatting from other chapters to chapter 1
        • The use of Bold & Italic words are not uniformed across chapters. Keywords should be in bold as they are in chapter 1
    • Content: look at Draft 6 content to highlight state of chapters (3 weeks)
      • Chapter 2 is like reading War and Peace. Great content... too much content. A lot of chapter 2 gives an intro to subsequent chapters. Why not put that content with the chapters it belongs to?
        • Section 2.1, do we care about this? Maybe we do, but do we need this much detail? Probably not.
        • Section 2.2 these topics have their own chapters... move these introduction sections to their respective chapters
        • Sections 2.3 & 2.4 are good sections! Formatting is clean. The use of graphics, code snippets and tables are consistent.
            • Section 2.3 & 2.4 have entirely too much content. This could be cut down drastically. See my examples below.
      • Focus on chapter 1 and compare to others
        • Make recommendations of chapter 1 improvements
          • Chapter 1 should follow the formatting in Chapter 2.
          • Chapter 2 should be the standard formatting for all chapters moving forward
          • Chapter 2 should be 1/4 as long as it is now.
  • Improvements: Modify chapter 1 (5 weeks)
    • Finalize formatting agreed upon'
    • Improve content
      • Chapter 1 should have a section guiding the reader how the book is written. Meaning, what do words in bold mean versus italic.
      • perhaps prune information
        • Chapters 1 & 2 are unnecessarily long
      • add new information
      • conform graphs and figures
  • Anything else
    • Add content for governance page
    • TBD

JEC Overview: See Template https://foss.unh.edu/projects/index.php/Mirmir:Draft6_Template Overall the textbook has good content that is presented in a disconnected and non-standardized way.

Chapter 2 should be the model by which all previous and subsequent chapters follow with regards to use and positioning of graphics, bullet note usage, paragraph and sentence structure, and formatting of key words. Chapter 2 does an excellent job of defining keywords and ideas in addition to providing relatable examples and informing the reader why it's important to know the word or idea. One criticism of Chapter 2 is that the chapter is entirely too long.

My Goal is to groom chapter 1 to follow the writing mechanics and formatting style used in Chapter 2. I have begun to do this and I have provided a "before & after" example of where I am focusing my efforts. Ideally, by semester end I will also re-arrange chapter 2 so that it's shorter.

Will meet with Prof Jonas at milestones and any additional times deemed necessary.

Examples of Revision

Intro before.png Intro after.png