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Week Ending February 6, 2018

  • Decide the individual part of the work for the research and the project.
  • Go through the chapters for the wikipedia page.
  • Know more about the Homework Assignment and start from basics.
  • Sign up on the slack and discuss on the parts which individuals will be dealing with.
  • Start the basics for with the new programming language perl.
  • work on Homework-1

  • Had a bit confusion on which chapter to do first, so that was undecided.
  • Joined the slack channel, spoke more about what are the responsibilities for the individuals.
  • The project topics and discussion were done.
  • Working on homework-1.

  • Collect the information about which chapter we will be doing first.
  • Dividing the work and working on it.
  • Discuss and execute the

  • Most of the things were unsure, i mean where to start and how to go ahead. But everyone seemed optimistic,hoping things will start and escalate accordingly. since i missed the very first class here, i was bit confused about the couple of things. But at the end of the week things seemed to pretty fine.

Week Ending February 13, 2018

  • class was cancelled due to snow.
  • Have to work on Homework -1
  • Decide about which part of the project i should be working
  • DEtermine what to do for the project.
  • Gather more information from different sources.
  • Start working on the diagrams and the graphics.
  • Students met online on slack to discuss on project.
  • Joined the graphics and diagrams team for the project
  • Was working on it to create the visuals for the chapter one in lucidchart.
  • Discussed with my teammate patrick regarding the ideas for the diagrams and was working on it.
  • Went through the Homework-1.
  • Deadlines were postponed to friday 16 -feb.
  • first set of images for chapter 1 were done and they were posted in slack for further improvements.
  • I plan on working more on the project and come up with the creative ideas for the visuals.
  • Work on more images for the upcoming chapters.
  • Although the time is less, have to work more on the chapters and get the work done as soon as possible.

Major concern was how will everything be organized, i think we don't have enough time to cover all the chapter from the textbook.

Week Ending February 20, 2018

  • Work on chapter 2 visuals.
  • In class we further discussed about topics which have to be covered for the next week.
  • Discussion was mainly for the writing group and the coding group.
  • Working on Chapter 2 visuals.
  • We discussed in class meeting regarding the deliverables and the following were decided:

Patrick and SAM : working on Chapter 2 visuals.(graphics group)

Raghava and Arjun:Working on Coding example for chapter 1.(coding group)

Bridget, Andry and Illya: Working on the text templates, editing and survey for the chapter 1.

Oreva : Will be working on finalizing, fact chechcking the text, code and diagrams.

  • Work with patrick on the Chapter 2. Maintain the same style for the next chapters as well.
  • Try to work on the same software, so the end results working with my team mate will be optimal.

Putting all things together, arranging, setting up the templates for the overall project (or at least for the chapter 1) . Everyone seems optimistic till now, but still concerned about the time and the end efficidney of the end results.

Week Ending February 27, 2018

  • We all decided on taking up the chapters writing task more. Since that was the major part of textbook.
  • Have to pay more attention to this part and have to come up with the appropriate examples for this section of the chapter.
  • Getting the proper content for the topics in chapter 2.

  • We came up with the deadlines for our drafts.
  • Made a group for each chapters, and me and patrick will be working together on chapter 2.
  • We decided on which format to cite and we are using APA format
  • Im dealing with Grammar in chapter 2. Doing research on them side by side.
  • Im done with all of my graphics and visuals for the week. which included chapter 3, chapter 4 and chapter 5.
  • This week made sure that I worked on all the three chapters on graphics and later patrick and oreva had to do the fact checking on them. which they did at the end of the class.
  • All the chapters were assigned in class and later they were also updated at the weekly minutes as well. So the groups were as follows.

Chapter 1 - Bridget and Oreva

Chapter 2 - Sam and Patrick

Chapter 3 - Raghava and Arjun

Chapter 4 - Illya and Andry

I think this work distribution works effectively and come up with better results.

Have to come up with the proper outlines and more appropriate examples for the part of the chapter. check on what others are doing, and try to communicate often so that there wont be any misunderstanding of getting the work done on or before time.

Since we have too many deadlines approaching we have to work on more more topics as possible and divide the work equally.

Also have to plan on doing the Poster as well. Work on it.


The research work will take more time and that has to be done soon. Major concern for me is the narrative flow in our textbook. Since the task has been distributed among so many groups, how to match up with the flow in over all textbook.

Week Ending March 6, 2018

  • Decide on the detailed work of who is doing which part and who is editing the after the drafts.
  • Decide on project completion.
  • Have to discuss on the poster making competition as well.
  • Have to complete my notes taking completely in this week.
  • All the class members discussed on what part will they specifically work on for the next week.
  • Have worked on chapter 2. I have completed the compiler, interpreters and the grammar part of the chapter.
  • I have done a couple of extra work on the chapter one which was the notes taking and then along side have worked on more diagrams for the further chapters.

  • Work on the chapter 2 so that it will be ready for the draft submission soon.
  • Have a look on the poster making competition and work on it.

  • Mainly i'm concerned about the speed the project is moving. Will we be able to complete the textbook and make ready for the multiple copies of draft submissions.
  • And the weather, due to this we have missed class and have to take up the online class. So that might be not so good option to learn more in depth.
  • also concerned about the length of the textbook, as professor said writing everything into the textbook might make the textbook look lengthy and good, but i'm thinking on working on the quality of the textbook. Main goal make the project look qualitatively effective.

Week Ending March 20, 2018

  • Have to finalize the chapter -2 for the draft submission.
  • Have to work on the Poster for the mimir project, make 2-3 poster ideas and discuss with the rest of the class and finalize one among them.
  • Have to make images for the chapters
  • Made the images for the chapters, modified them and made sure they all have the same template.
  • worked on the chapter two more, more refining of the chapter.
  • Got to read the text book which professor has prescribed. according to that had made the corrections for the textbook in the chapter two.
  • Got an initial idea on the Poster, but still had to work on it for further more.
  • Considering Patrick and Bridget idea on the poster, worked on it. Her template was really helpful to move further in this case.

  • Get working more on the chapter and try to finish it up as soon as possible and move to next chapter.
  • Keep working on single chapter might lead us to the in depth knowledge on only one topic, i wanted to know more on other topics as well, if time permits want to work onmore of the chapters.
  • Develop the GRC and start finalizing on that.
  • Making the book qualitatively readable. Making this book as easy and simple as it can be to learn the language.
  • Adding up more lines of statements does not make the book effective one, my main focus for the time is this.

Week Ending March 27, 2018

  • work on chapter two draft more and make it clear with patrick on what are the other parts which we should be working on.

Work more on these topics:

  • Interpreters
  • Grammar
  • Compilers
  • Statements
  • Operators
  • Atomic and Synchronized Blocks

Have to look into other chapters images, and try to come up with the proper template for the whole textbook.

Work on the GRC with other classmates.

  • Worked more on the the above mentioned topics, added ore sub sections to it to briefly explain our outline of the chapter.

  • Working on the major outlines in the beginning, and then diving in for the detailed work of it.
  • Make some more research work on the chapter 2 so it looks complete.


No concerns this week, all things seems to be fitting in place and everything is coming out to be good.

Week Ending April 3, 2018

  • Working on chapter 2 and more on looking over the topics in a broader manner.
  • coming up with the appropriate diagrams, and making the programming language more easier to understand in the illustration in our chapter.
  • Try to talk to patrick regarding the quality improvisation of the chapter 2.
  • work more on the Poster as well.
  • continued to work on the chapter 2, made more improvements in the diagrams and helped other classmates with the diagrams to their chapters as well.
  • Made changes in the chapter 2. Worked more on the interpreters and compilers and gave a proper structure for this part of the textbook.
  • Made major work on the operators part of this chapter, gathered more information and added resource material to the textbook this week.
  • Made more tables to the topics and made the description more understandable than before.
  • Made some work on the Poster, and finally patrick had made a poster for the GRC, It included all of the ideas which was suggested in class, it was modified nice. It was finalized in the slack group.

  • Try to make more improvements to the chapter and give proper define shape to the chapter. Make the flow of the chapter more fluent. Keep making changes and proofread.
  • Help out other classmates with the diagrams and other graphical parts, but as far now no as has explicitly asked us for the diagrams.

  • Time constraints to finish up this chapter. Other classmates have not asked us for the diagrams, we would have helped them more if they specifically asked for the diagrams to us.
  • Apart from that no other concerns for this week.

Week Ending April 10, 2018

  • working on the diagrams with Patrick. Work on the diagrams for the other chapters as well.
  • Try to work on my previous lecture notes and add more points to it.

  • Worked on the chapter 2 diagrams more, completed some ore parts of the textbook like the compilers and interpreters. Worked more on the operators parts again and refined it.
  • Refined some diagrams in the chapter 2. Now all the diagrams in the chapter 2 are as follow:
    • Classification of programming
    • Imperative languages
    • Functional Programming
    • Logical programming
    • Visual programming
    • Procedural Programming
    • Object oriented programming
    • Multi Paradigm languages
    • Compiler structure
    • Compiler front end and back end
    • Phases of the compiler
    • Interpreter
    • If and else statements
    • while loop diagrams
    • Arrays
    • Queues
    • List
    • Trees
    • Graphs
    • Stakcs
    • Control Flow
  • So all the diagrams were done and finalized,they were refined for he editing and they were posted again
  • Made some major changes in my previous lecture notes from week one, but still has to work more on it next week.

  • Work more on the previous lecture notes, since the chapter 2 is almost done, so now is the time to concentrate more on the lecture notes.
  • By next week may be i have to prepare the outline for the next ending week on grammars, so have to do some pre-reading for the class.
  • Get busy with the homework-4, make some significant work on those homework.
  • Ask others regarding the diagrams and help them. Make the text book look even and.
  • By now there is nothing much to do more to the chapter 2, I think almost 95% of the work on the chapter 2 is done, so may be we can help others in the class to make some significant changes to their chapter and may be help them with more diagrams.
  • No one a specifically asked for the diagrams to me or patrick so we kind of thinking of making the own diagrams and giving to them, since we have so much diagrams in our chapter I don't want the outcome of the textbook to be uneven.

Week Ending April 17, 2018

  • All the team-mates for the project had a meeting, and we all decided to work on groups again in order to make the textbook look more equally
  • Revist the sections and make the changes needed.
  • Make more diagrams for the team-mates, but seeing the outline of their chapter and analyzing which section might need diagrams. Work on them and send them the diagrams.
  • Work on chapter 1, I was working with Bridget, Oreva and Patrick. They already created the outline, i have to make some changes for the content to chapter 1.

  • Revisited the chapters and made editing to those.
  • Worked more on the Language concepts and data structures more.
  • Rewrote most of the contents for the data structure, and made sure that all the sources were mentioned at the end of each section.
  • Made more diagrams for chapter 3.
  • Decided with patrick that we will work on the contents for the textbook. According to that we have to go through the textbook and made some editing accordingly.
  • Chapter 1 looked more better than before, so much of useful contents were added. I added a whole section on the history of the programming language and worked on the other parts of the chapter 1 as well.

  • May go back later to the lecture notes from first week and add some more content differently than previously and find an area lacking.

  • I don't really have any concerns at this point. We are following along with what we have been assigning to people.
  • As far as now, all the works are going fine. The textbook is coming in shape now. Have to work on it to make it look more fluent over the course of time.

Week Ending April 24, 2018

  • work more on chapter 2
  • Work on other chapter and focus on the contents in them.
  • More work on the diagrams, check with teammates.
  • Worked on ore sections with my teammate Patrick.
  • We added more data structures to the chapter and explained it briefly around 3 paragraphs
  • Hope that was edited nicely. Did some of the diagrams for the data structures which patrick mentioned.
  • Patrick did some of the data structures and i did the remaining data structures.
  • We edited the grammar section since there was a chapter for grammars separately.
  • Work on chapter 3 for this week. And work more on the diagrams if some of my classmates need them.


Nothing concerns me at this point. we are doing our best to get the textbook in good shape.

Week Ending May 1, 2018

  • Working more on chapter 2 and winding it up.
  • Working more on the contents of chapter 3.
  • Check with oreva and bridget regarding the outline and finalize the content with patrick for chapter 3 and 4.
  • We finalized the diagrams for the chapter 2, we edited and finalized the diagram for the chapter 2 and added it.
  • We added almost all the diagrams and additional to that patrick made some diagrams as well. Chapter 2 came out to be pretty nicely structured and nice.
  • All the diagrams came out to be really good. I like the way the chapter has turned to and the pictorial representation of the data structures.

  • Work on next chapter which the writing team chose next to edit and proofread.
  • Check with classmates for he diagrams for their chapter.

  • Getting all the things properly lined up before time.
  • Apart from that all are doing their jobs I think. So far the project seems to be really nice and there are pretty nice examples and content in the chapters which we have so far edited.

Week Ending May 8, 2018


Final week, i have to complete all the work related to the mimir project and finalize the chapter 4 before deadline.

    • Complete this with patrick and check oreva and bridget.
    • Check for any final diagrams with our teammates, if possible help other chapter teams or any other teams to finish this work as soon as possible since the exam is approaching.
    • Complete the weekly notes work with illiya regarding this and finalize the notes as well.

  • The class notes have come out really nicely,the contents are really elaborated and nicely explained. The illustration by my teammates in writing the class notes as well as the textbook is really nice. We have done a nice job in completing all in time. And the end results have came out more than expected.
  • The diagrams have came out very nicely. The programming team Raghava has done a nice job in giving the appropriate programming snippets which are really helpful for the revision.
  • I have added the grammar and parser to our notes, and BNF being the prominent part i have worked on that, hope that has come out good.
  • Writing team of bridget, Oreva and Aashirya have done a nice job on the notes and the other works. Overall first 4 chapter which we have worked came out to be decently nice and good.
  • I hope profesor likes the flow of the contents and the continuity in the textbook and topics.
  • There was a mismatch of the typing with the wiki page, i was editing and the same time Illiya was also editing i feel. There was a clash of editing and the data was lost, but yeah not and huge issue. Had to put in more time to edit this part of the notes since we don't have enough time left.
  • Both the notes and textbook came out to be fair enough.

  • Try to wind up everything and finalize as soon as possible.


Hope everyone works on the notes seriously so that it will be helpful for others to read for the exams. concerns right now. Apart from that no other concerns, we all teammates have worked on this project. Just need to finish everything before time.