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Copyright Notice

All information on this page, including, but not limited to copyright owner, license type, etc..., is not official or final. I don't have the authority to assign this. These are just suggestions until it can be approved by Professor Jonas.

Guide to this section of the book: http://publishing.about.com/od/BookEditingAndProduction/a/The-Parts-Of-Book-Elements-Of-Content.htm

Declaration of Copyright

Copyright 2014, University of New Hampshire. All rights reserved.

License Type

This book is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE VERSION 3.

For full license details and restrictions, please visit the licensing page for this book.

Other credits

This book may contain pictures, illustrators, diagrams, comments from editorial staff, and other works which are protected under their own copyrights, separate from the license for this book.

Copyright Acknowledgments

Copyright acknowledgements should go here. Not sure that we have any...

For books that contain reprinted material that requires permissions, such as excerpts, song lyrics, etc.

Edition Number

This is the third DRAFT edition of Mimir.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Not applicable until published.

Includes information such as title, authors, ISBN, Library of Congress number, subject matter, year of publication.


This book is dedicated to future generations of students. Knowledge should be free and shared with the world.


Acknowledgements go out to the students and faculty advisers whom have dedicated time and effort into this project. Without their contributions, this book would not have been possible.

Faculty Adviser: Professor Michael Jonas

Content Authors:

2014 Graduate Students: Casey Eyring, Daniel Mamede, Eric Hutchins, Erol Aygar, Gabriel Mihu.

2015 Graduate Students: Alex Scripcenco, Mohamed Fadlalla, Ramon Whitman, Shikha Tiwari.

2016 Graduate Students: Dan Sgroi, Illya Kovarik.

2017 Graduate Students: Dunya Al Bayati, Nick Bielinski, Surrbhi Dhingra, Freddie Lochner, Gayathri Parthasarathy, Steve Saunders