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14 Apr 2011


  1. What does the team want to achieve by the end of the meeting? - Update the class with our status of the initial database assessment and how we plan to improve it. Give an overall snap shot of our mind set to correct the data base problem at NHHTC. Explain the draft normalization outline and UML diagram relationships, if needed.
  1. What is the current status of the project? First draft of the normalization document is complete and the initial uml diagram is complete. reviewed by fellow team members. The Google, Wiki, and hoisting sites have been set up.
  2. What has been achieved so far? The Google, Wiki, and hoisting sites have been set up. The team has collaborated via the google site to complete the first draft of the normalization document and the initial uml diagram is complete. The diagrams have been reviewed by fellow team members and will also be discussed over the next week.
  3. What each member of the team has done this past week?

Review of competed tasks: Aaron - Created google group, reviewed Scott's normalization writeup, reviewed Jonathan's UML diagram. reviewed host site and wiki site. Ensured all team tasks were complete. Scott - Completed the draft normalization document and provided useful information to Jonathan so he could complete UML diagram. Jonathan - Completed UML diagram and work with Scott during the week to make this happen Bethany - Made Wiki site for group John - Created hosting site for group.


In class discussion 11:30-12:00

  • What are the specific tasks of each team member for the coming week? Any thoughts on this??? Rough drafts of abstract, project doc?
  • Aaron - Get the Info from NHHTC and help implement into the normalization process. Monitor team progress and help Bethany with documentation.
  • Bethany - Work on abstract documentation for project with input from team. Update Wiki as needed.
  • Scott - Work on normalizing the data model.
  • John - Help scott with normalization process. Update host site as needed.
  • Jonathan - Work with Scott and implement any changes into UML diagram.
What kind of collaboration will happen within the team to accomplish these tasks?
  • Use the google group and host site to collaborate.
  • Monitor and cross check so no one falls behind or gets stuck.

21 Apr 2011


  • Discuss individual progress on specific tasks.
  • Discuss overall project process and next weeks goals
  • Review/edit UML diagram
  • Review/edit project documentation
  • Review/edit websites with input from team (only if needed)


Present: Scott, Bethany, Jonathan, Aaron

  1. Discuss individual progress on specific tasks.
    • Database Designer(Scott) - Last week worked on normalization documentation with input from team. Rewrote documentation and posted to wiki site.
    • SQL Programmer (Jon) - Not present. Last week he created SQL scripts to make the data tables and uploaded them to the hosting site.
    • System Analyist (Aaron) - updated mediawiki minutes and wrote minutes for last team meeting. Wrote agenda for this meeting.
    • Bethany - Updated the project abstract and uploaded it to the mediawiki site. She also gave us all training on how to us the mediawiki site. She also updated a lot of the information on the mediawiki page for the team.
    • Jonathan - Updated the UML diagrams for the project with the new input from the team. He also made up the parent and child UML diagrams for the project. All we uploaded to the team's site.
  2. Discuss next weeks project goals
    • Jon - Next week, he will be in charge of updating the SQL tables and code from the input of the team on the google group. The team will all run the SQL code on our local computers and provide feedback to Jon on the google site. Jon is out on personal business and we will keep him up to speed on the projects progress and help him if his not available. Jon will also need to add comments to all the SQL scrips and upload to site.
    • Scott - Next week, will finalize normalization document with input from Prof and NHHTC. Explain super and sub types. Upload final normalization document to host site/mediawiki. Final normalization doc will drive all the other documents and SQL coding for the project.
    • Jonathan - Update ULM diagrams and provide brief discriptions of each. Work with Bethany to create input sample data for SQL coding.
    • Bethany - Update Abstract as needed. Work with Jonathan on the input sample data for the SQL coding.
    • Aaron - Update and upload the System user requirements for the mediawiki site. Create user views as necessary with input from team via google group.
    • Everyone - download "tortoise SVN", follow directions on open computing as directed in class and us as required.
    • Everyone - use google group to keep everyone updated on progress and post questions as needed.

28 April 2011


  • Discuss individual progress on past weeks specific tasks.
  • Discuss overall project progress and next weeks goals
  • Review/edit SQL Code and discuss any changes that need to happen this week.
  • Review/edit project documentation
  • Discuss SQL queries that need to be created.
  • Outline next weeks tasks with team
  • Additional comments or concerns


Present: Scott, Bethany, Jonathan, Aaron, Jon

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