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Home Page

The purpose of Internship2Career is to provide students, internship providers, and administrators with a simple yet reliable way to manipulate, store and retrieve data about internship opportunities at the University of New Hampshire Manchester campus

Activities and Artifacts


The project participates in the 2011 UNH Undergraduate Research Conference (note: add url link) with a poster presentation. Team presentation scheduled for April 27, 2011, 3:30 PM.

Poster Presentation


Internship2Career: Management System for the UNHM internship program


Daniel Pepin, Aaron Jarzombek, Steven Simard, Brice Rader, Michael Tierney

Project Sponsor

University of New Hampshire Internship Services


The goal of the Internship Program at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester is to provide students with hands-on work experience that will enhance their degree and help prepare them for successful careers. Tasks of the UNHM internship program involve managing over one hundred internship opportunities. This includes adding, deleting, viewing, generating reports, and assigning internships. Currently the staff needs to interface manually between a Microsoft Access database and the UNH Blackboard site.

The Internship2Career team is designing a web application in a model view controller architecture to solve the staff's problems using an open source software approach. This will allow any person or organization to adapt the software to their needs. Internship2Career has setup an online project hosting on the Google Code website, which allows for easy version control and for other users to view the project and potentially contribute. The web application is being designed using the programming languages MySQL to develop the database, HTML to be able to view in a web browser, and PHP for application logic control.

Results of the Internship2Career project include a near operational prototype system that will be ready for usability testing; a wiki site that describes how the system was built; and a project hosting site which allows users to continue to contribute to the project.

In conclusion, this program will save valuable time and money for the Internship Program, and create a more efficient method for students to research the internship opportunities.