Internship2Career:2011 Fall

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Welcome to the Internship2Career Wiki


What are we doing?

We are creating an application that will track and store data regarding UNHM internships and then ultimately generate useful reports.

Here's our group site courtesy of Brice

Who are we?

  • Jeff Knight
  • Mike Tierney
  • Brice Rader
  • Andy O'Brien
  • Aaron Jarzombek
  • Karvel

Weekly Assignments

Week 1

  • Brice - set up a google site for our group so that we can communicate amongst ourselves, it's similar to the one we use for class
  • Andy - Contact Donna to get information that will be useful for creating databases for our internship application
  • Karvel - use other background resources to gather information about what our internship reports should contain and any other useful information that might help us understand what needs to be included
  • Aaron - develope our database concepts based on the information Andy/Karvel provide
  • Mike - sketch out all the different html forms that we will be using to collect info
  • Jeff - create Wiki page

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Meeting Minutes

  • One major focus for this upcoming week is obtaining correct contact information for all of our group members.