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# '''What role(s) have you assumed?'''
'''What role(s) have you assumed?'''
Implementer and forms designer.  
Implementer and forms designer.  

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  1. I was in charge of design
  2. I created basic outlines for the forms, just sketched the ideas on paper of how they would all lay out.
  3. I only completed sketches in my notebook nothing viewable on a pc. Jeff just submitted my ideas so far of how the forms will be layed out.'
  4. I am the only one in charge of the forms so far. Because its I believe it will be complicated trying to collaborate designing forms they will come out looking different.
  5. Didnt really utilize any of the reourses. Just researched UNH sites fro their web page design
  6. Im going to try to finish all the different web pages guis


  1. I took on the role of designer, controlling the layout of the forms, and webpage, and how they link together.
  2. I finished the forms, and began work on im-plementing the add internship to database code.
  3. http://foss.unh.edu/mediawiki/index.php/Internship2Career:Home
  4. I worked with jeff on colabedit
  5. Most of my research from the project came from h8, and collabedit with Jeff
  6. for p3 i want to beable to add and remove entries from the database


What role(s) have you assumed? Implementer and forms designer.

What tasks have you performed to fulfill responsibilities of your role(s)? For implementer Andy, Jeff and I got together Wednesday after class and worked on the addNewStudent page for several hours. We managed to get it working. After than I started on the addJob page, converted the pages into php files and made the links work and added a login.php file. The addJob page did not work completely so Andy helped to fix the errors. For forms designer I reconfigured the existing forms for them to be less cluttered and easier to read.

What work products have you completed? I helped with addNewstudent,login page, made the forms, re -designed the forms, and made the addJob page.

How did you collaborate? Jeff, Andy and I met after class and worked for several hours. Andy and I used collab edit to debug the addjob page i was working on.

What infrastructure resources have you used to do your work? Be clear (that’s specific) I used netbeans, xammp, mysql, mysql work bench,and collab edit to accomplish my tasks

What tasks and work products do you plan to do for P3? Tester, implementer and form designer