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April 5, 2011



  1. All: Go on MediaWiki
  2. All: Replace this content with actual agenda items each week.
    1. Database Group - Access ArcGIS developer tools with an ESRI Global Account, and analyze how the device, database, and interface are interconnected. Check Mapserver.org to access files on copied DVD.
    2. Frontend Group - Update MediaWiki Project Management Section
    3. Testing Group - Update MediaWiki Project Management Section


  1. All:?
    1. Database Group: In Progress
    2. Frontend Group: ?
    3. Testing Group: We talked with the Front-End developers about their plans for developing the system. We decided to micro-test all their steps and developments they make. We've also devised using RAD and flow charts to test their data and record the results then return it to the development and Databases team.


Members present: Aaron Jarzombek, Brice Rader, Damir Ibrahimovic, Daniel Lutz, Eric Murphy, KC Ibey, Matt Marshall, Michael Henenberg, Micahel Jonas, Michael Williams, Skyler Swendsboe

6:10 pm Meeting start

Foss.unh.edu/mediawiki will host the project page. The Project Management Page is where team leaders will be able to communicate with team members, and coordinate tasks.

Jonas has the 1.6 GB DVD with the data files which will be given to Damir to copy and distribute to each team so that they can review its contents.

The initial goal will be to begin creating the Requirements Analysis Document to establish the basis of the project. An example can be found on the DONATE page in mediawiki.

Stem was brought up as being available as a possible staging server.

The database team will be responsible for looking into getting access to the development tools on the ArcGIS website. Options for free trial licenses or educational licenses will be checked into.

Based on information provided by Ron Rioux during his presentation the database will be created using MySQL.

The testing team will work on portions of the Requirements Analysis Document pertaining to unti testing, architecture/system testing, and usability testing.

Each team leader needs to communicate with their team members to decide how updates will be posted throughout the week.

6:40pm Meeting adjourned


Members are working on doing their tasks, etc, etc etc...

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