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Apr 5, 2011



  1. All: Access the and review the files Ron provided.
  2. All: Begin creating the Requirements Analysis Document.
    1. Database Group - Try getting a free trial version of ArcGIS to open the files from Ron.
    2. Frontend Group - Start brainstorming to find ideas on the design for the interface and its features.
    3. Testing Group - Collect information for the Requirements Analysis Document to establish the features which will be tested for.


  1. All: Started filling out new wiki page
  2. All:We continue to collaborate
    1. Databse Group - Found a free trial version for using ArcGIS, but can't read the files received from Ron.
    2. Frontend Group - Located an example interface from Mapserver.org which will be the basis for interface design.
    3. Testing Group - Discovered Shapeview 1.20 which will open the shapefiles from Ron.



Get Mapserver working to open the files from Ron.
Use ArcGIS as another method of opening the data files if possible.
Begin creating the RAD


Email Ron for details regarding the RAD and the necessary attributes for the database.

Discussion Items

Stem server was considered as the staging server for the project.
The database will be made using MySQL.

Apr 12, 2011



  1. All: Objectives for the prior week were completed. The wiki page has been started. The RAD document has been outlined and Damir has started working on Part 1. Introduction.
  2. All: Maintain magnificent collaboration!
    1. Database Group - attempted using Mapserver and ARCGis during the week, but were unable to get either application to work
    2. Frontend Group - discussed how the webpage should look and how it should display the information to the user
    3. Testing Group - created UML diagrams for the project, including an Activity Diagram


Recap of the week:

UNH experienced a Denial of Service attack on the STEM server, in addition the FOSS server was taken down. As a result, the Hapinoy page was lost and was recreated once the system was restored. The Hapinoy page is now up and running and includes a section for recording any contact with a group leader and Ron. Group leaders should be updating this section with any questions or answers that he has received from Ron. This will eliminate any duplicate questions for Ron, as well as keeping all group members aware of any new updates or requests from Ron.

Round Table Discussion:

Damir reported that some group members had downloaded MapServer onto their computers but were unable to open Ron’s files.

Sky reported that he was able to open the 4 Shape (.shp) files that Ron provided us, using ShapeViewer 1.20. Ron’s files also contained .dbf, .sbn, .shx, .sbx, .prj, and .xml files which could not be opened.

Important Reminders:

Professor Jonas had the team fill out Project Explanation forms this week, and reminded us that we will be filling one out every two weeks.

During lab, Sky changed the name of Ron's file to be the same name as a file in the MapServer demo. He was able to open the file, but could not locate anything significant to Ron's file. This was because MapServer was looking at locations in Illinois, which is apparently the location that is used in the MapServer demo. Although, he could not locate anything relevant to Ron's files, it is a very good starting point for reading the .shp files.

Goals for the Week:

Database Group - will find out what types of files that .dbf, .sbn, .shx, .sbx, .prj, and .xml are, and will determine which files are the most important to our project. Frontend Group - will continue to try to read the .shp files in MapServer and work on webpage design ideas. Damir will contact Ron to ask if we need a new map of the Philippines or are we supposed to use the existing one? Testing Group - will also continue work on reading the .shp files and formulate test cases to ensure that files will always open properly.

Apr 19, 2011

Damir kicked off our meeting today. Damir: -tried ti integrate our data files with map server. -had run into problems with .map files. -map-files need further manipulation to be read by out map server -he notices that map-server just reads off our map data: it cannot create it. -he also made mention that map coordinates reside in the DBF files.

Project Update -Database Management concerning how the server will treat data -plan to use MS visio editor to manipulate data and project files

Micheal Jonas: -mentions we must find a way to make .shp & .map files. -asks how do we create .map files? Recommends open source software. -we must document all work. -if we cannot do it, must show evidence. -Failure is a probable outcome -must code if possible to get it to work.

Project: -database management -data and projection files -MS visio editor –used to manipulate data

Front End: -install mapserver: played around with it

Database: -Ariel maps and photos for the server -interface should show both images for users. -needs sample data and access -language barrier?

Testing: -talk with Ron -talk and design a database use class.

Ron Rio: -used ArcMap -modified utility file/program to read -opened Albany.shp and other files for the 610 class

Apr 26, 2011

Project Update

-Damir was able to open the map and shape files.

Front End:

-Identify tables needed for project.

-Come up with a finalized design.

-Generate a prototype from this.


-Generate the tables needed.

-Get the database up and running

-Find out were database is staged


-Documented how they plan on Unit Testing.

-Will also perform testing by hand.

Goals for next week:

-Find out how to edit the map files.

-Finalize a project layout.

-Find out how to move mapserver to Philippines area.

May 3, 2011

6:10-6:25: Damir spoke about how the project should end up looking, including the overall structure, as well as how it should function with user interaction.

6:25-6:40: Professor Jonas made a list of tasks on the whiteboard that should be completed within the next two weeks. 1. Overall Wiki Structure/Look/Consistency (Brice) 2. RAD (Mike, Mike W, plus help from #4) 3. Mockup of Front End (Eric*) 4. Capture ArcGIS to Map Server (Dan, KC, Sky) 5. Capture Team Accomplishments (Scott, Aaron)

6:50-7:30: Time was spend in the CIS lab with groups to further discuss progression on completing the Wiki.