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Installation and Modification of MapServer and Demo Application

Step 1

Go to http://www.maptools.org/ms4w/ and look on bottom of the page for latest version.

There will be a link like this one:
“The latest release of MS4W is version 3.0.2 (April 8, 2011). Download Now!

Click on “Download Now” and it will take you to new page where you will select files to download. It will look something like this:
setup.exe Installer MS4W Setup Installer v3.0.2 (April 8, 2011) ms4w-3.0.2-setup.exe 142 KB zip Archive MS4W Archive v3.0.2 (April 8, 2011) ms4w_3.0.2.zip 38 MB

You can choose either one you want!

Save file to your Desktop and after if you choose “setup.exe” go ahead and double click to start installation process. If you chose “zip”, then you unzip it to your destination folder and look for “setup.exe” to start installation process.

Step 2

You will see following screens when you start installation by clicking on “ms4w-3.0.2-setup” icon: Place for Image 1 Place for Image 2 Place for Image 3 Place for Image 4

Step 3

Next step is to locate “mapserv-demo” folder on your computer. You will open “C” drive and point to “ms4w” folder. Open that folder and point to folder named “apps”. Open “apps” folder to view content and then point to folder named “mapserv-demo”. Open folder “mapserv-demo” and you will see many folders and files. The” mapserv-demo” contains files to run demo application. To test this application, as well your mapserver, you will enter following URL in your browser (Mozilla Firefox, IE): http://localhost//mapserv-demo/index.html If the installation of mapserver went well, you should see this screen: Place for Image 5

So Congratulation, you are running mapserver!

  • If you have not seen this screen**

You should check your computer security settings and allow mapserver to run it! Make sure your Apache port ”80” is open and available! Restart Apache! Or go on line for more help. The Link is: http://mapserver.org/documentation.html