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Week ending on 3/27

This week was primarily focused on getting the team up to speed on running experiments utilizing the guide created by the Modelling team, with assistance from myself as needed. Most team members were having issues with the training process by the end of the week. From my understanding, some of the issues experienced by the team are due to unfamiliarity with some of the more difficult portions of the process and can hopefully be resolved by going over them together when we meet.

Aside from these relatively minor issues, two of my team members are reporting issues that may be server-related; the first user is having trouble with accessing the Caesar itself with what appears to be a credential issue and is planning to work with Professor Jonas before the start of the next class. Based on the email I received from the other team member, he is getting what appears to be a pearl-related library issue when attempting to create the feats; he did send a logfile detailing the error he is getting:

Exp/0038> /mnt/main/scripts/train/scripts_pl/make_feats.pl -ctl /mnt/main/Exp/0038/etc/0038_train.fileids
Configuration (e.g. etc/sphinx_train.cfg) not defined <<<<<<<
Compilation failed in require at /mnt/main/scripts/train/scripts_pl/make_feats.pl line 43. <<<<
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /mnt/main/scripts/train/scripts_pl/make_feats.pl line 43. <<<<

I can't replicate the issue he is having and can't find anything inherently wrong with the statement he issued. Based on conversations with the other team leaders and my own troubleshooting, we have determined that Miraculix is not configured properly (No/misconfigured Sox & SCLite) and trains cannot be ran on it; it doesn't have the link linking /usr/local with /mnt/main/local. It is possible that the other servers may be similarly misconfigured; that being said, I was able to confirm that the server this user is on, Methusalix, is properly configured in this regard.

Week ending on April 2nd

Early this week, we held a team meeting online with a majority of the team attending. I provided a lesson on resolving issues which prevent scoring and assisted team members with their experiments. One team member did not attend due to work-related commitments; I assisted this team member via email throughout the remainder of the week and got him up to speed.

We currently have two members which have completed a full experiments consisting of Training, creating the Language Model, and Scoring. One Team member was having issues with starting the Sphinx Trainer; we were able to eventually get the trainer to run successfully, we will score the results before class on April 3rd. The last team member was having issues with the Sphinx Trainer, I have emailed him instructions after troubleshooting the issue.