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Group Log

Experiment number: 0004

  • (Tuesday) Emailed with team
  • (Wednesday) Skype meeting with team to and discuss Experiment status and needed progress.
  • (Friday) Skype meeting with team
    • Ted copied the necessary files from Caesar to Miraculix using the following steps:
      • Created the /mnt/main/Exp/0004 directory for our group.
      • Adjusted the permissions of the directory so everyone in the group can read, write, and execute files as needed using the chmod command.
      • Copied the entire contents of the /media/data/Speech/train/train11 directory to /mnt/main/Exp/0004 so that Brandon, Aaron, and I could begin to figure out how to start running a mini train.
  • (Saturday/Sunday) Following steps in the install guide since we thought everything had already been installed, but realized it was not.
  • (Monday) Cracking down on getting this all to work. All the file were copied over incorrectly. We deleted all the files within the Experiment file and started from scratch. We are using the "Install" Sphinx step by step process. We are running into a road block with installing Sphinx 3 in the experiment file.

We started from scratch and tried to download everything to Miraculix, however all the permissions denied our progress on Miraculix. We worked with Jonny on his machine to at least make some progress and learn the process.

Ted - Moved all the needed files from Caesar to Miraculix

Brandon - Found missing file and tried to get one of the scrips to run, edited log for the weekend.

Aaron - Wrote the group log and followed progress within Miraculix providing QA input if needed.