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System Description

Emacs hotfix on Caesar

Emacs is a very powerful text editor that is commonly used on Unix/Linux systems. The great thing about Emacs is that you can run it directly inside the terminal. This lets you remotely edit and create files all inside the same terminal window that you connected from. Emacs-nox is the version of Emacs without a GUI; the X is the GUI in the default Emacs install which is why its called "no X" or "nox".

It was requested by Prof. Jonas to be installed during the Spring 2015 semester, but it was only installed on Obelix - the Spring 2015 Tools group test server. The Spring 2016 semester completed the install on Majestix (Spring 2016 Tools group test server) and created a hotfix on Caesar and links to the hotfix on all 5 servers soon after. These links are detailed at the bottom of this page.

How to launch Emacs

To launch Emacs, type in "emacs -nw <file name>" without the "<>" in the terminal. Depending on the file name you give it, it will create a new file with that name or it will open the file in your directory. To close Emacs press ctrl-x then ctrl-c. There is a help file that opens when only "emacs" is entered or you can search online for additional support. The GNU Emacs manual can be accessed here.

Emacs Status

Majestix - Installed at /usr/local/emacs-nox-23.1 as a test run.

Caesar - Hotfix installed at /mnt/main/local/lib/hotfix/emacs

Caesar, Obelix, Miraculix, Idefix, and Asterix - Created hotfix links in 3 places on each server:

    1) Executable link - /usr/bin/emacs -> /mnt/main/local/lib/hotfix/emacs/usr/bin/emacs-23.1-nox
    2) Dependencies link - /usr/libexec/emacs -> /mnt/main/local/lib/hotfix/emacs/libexec/emacs
    3) Dependencies link - /usr/share/emacs -> /mnt/main/local/lib/hotfix/emacs/usr/share/emacs