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System Description

Issues and Solutions


Run the following to fix:

nano -Sc /etc/ld.so.conf add the following


then run: /sbin/ldconfig

You should be all set. If you continue to experience difficulty, run it by Jonas.



Following are instructions on how to clear foreign and previous configurations on HDDs in the event that a server will not boot up due to "No Usable Disk" errors or "Foreign Configuration Present" To use the new donated equipment, after the Systems Group installed the Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers, all of the donated hard disk drives needed to be configured. Each of these hard disk drives were configured to be in a RAID (redundant array of inexpensive/independent disks), and not as a regular hard disk drive. It took some time to figure out how to configure the "new" drives, but eventually the Systems Group came up with this as the best steps to take.

if you encounter an error stating that there are no usable disks present, the following steps may be used to remedy the situation

1) Make sure the RedHat Enterprise disk is inside the DVD drive on the server

2) Start up the server, when prompted, press the ctrl + R keys to enter the configuration utility

3) You will be presented with a screen to configure the hard disk drives

4) Make sure you are under the VD Management tab

5) Select No Configuration Present! and hit enter

CapstoneRAID1.1Systems Group 2016.jpg

6) For VD size, enter the physical disk size in megabytes

7) For the VD Name, make it VirtualDisk0

8) Under Physical Disks, select the drive you wish to format and press the space bar, this will select the drive to be configured

9) Go and select the Advanced Settings option, hit enter to change them

10) Check off the initialize option

11) Select the Write Back option, change it to Write Through

12) Select OK on the right side

13) At the prompt, select OK to initialize

14) Let the drive format itself, it will not take long if it has no data on it

15) Press the Escape key to exit

16) Confirm you wish to exit

17) Reboot the server by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del