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Author: Jared Rohrdanz

Date: 6/2/14

Purpose: Ensuring that experiment results remain unchanged with the move from OpenSUSE to Fedora.

Details: One baseline experiment will be run on OpenSUSE, and run the same experiment on each Fedora machine to ensure that the results are unchanged.


  • Idefix
  • Density Value: 8
  • Senone Value: 1000
  • Corpus: first_5hr

Baseline A repeat of baseline on Majestix.

Baseline2 A repeat with prepareExperiment2.pl being run in base directory, as opposed to etc on Idefix.

Baseline 3 Using the latest scripts in the scripts/user directory and last_5hr corpus. Traubadix last_5hr setup_SphinxTrain.pl prepareExperiment3.pl generateFeats2.pl

Issues with decoding.

Baseline4 Copy exp 0115

Baseline7 I have Erol's method that has been working for him now. I am using: Idefix last_5hr


  • The baseline train got hung up and failed. It was moved to "failed_baseline" directory.
  • Two more failed trains (baseline, baseline2) were completed using the method I used last semester.
  • Due to the amount of failures, this experiment will be continued in 0255 for clarity.