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Author: Ramon Whitman

Date: 3/27/2014

Purpose: This experiment was supposed to use the master script.


  Ran the first_5hr.train: at 32 density and 4000 senone value and was was unable to run a decode. When executed the instructions it said it ran the decode instantly. Could get the decode to run and therefore was unable to get the results i desired.

"Not enough reference files loaded, Missing:"

This error is caused by duplicate identical transcript entries in either the hypothesis transcript and/or the reference transcript. Usually it is the hypothesis transcript that causes the error, so we will focus on that.

  Go to your experiment's etc directory if you aren't already there.
  Remove all redundant lines.
      We use a built-in Unix tool called uniq to do this for us. The output of this tool needs to go to a new file.
      % uniq hyp.trans >> hyp.trans.uniq
  Restart SCLite while using the newly created hyp.trans.uniq file.
      sclite -r <experiment #>_train.trans -h hyp.trans.uniq -i swb >> scoring.log

If you get the same error again: Repeat the above process, but for the <experiment #>_train.trans file. Be sure to specify the new <experiment #>_train.trans.uniq file where appropriate in the sclite statement.

   the above didn't work for me if I followed the instructions correctly. 

Results: N/A