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Author: Colby Chenard

Date: 17Feb2014

Purpose: The goal of this experiment was to test out different densities values on the 10hr train to optimize WER. This experiment was one of six that were done simultaneously, each has the same senone value
but we increased the densities each train, so 8,16,64. I skipped 32 because that was already done by Colby J in previous experiments.

Details: Colby J and I hypothesized that we may get better results as we increase the densities. The downside to this is that the higher the density the longer it takes to decode. I hope that with these experiments that we can get under 30% error rate.


  • 10hr train


  • Semone value: 5000
  • Density: 16


  • first_5hr_train_full "Master Dictionary"
    • /mnt/main/corpus/dist/custom/first_5hr_train_full.dic


  • genTrans5.pl

Results The train ran successfully in: 3 Hours 8 Min