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'Author: Joshua Anderson

Date: 2/9/0214

Purpose: First attempt to build a new experiment following the how to Run a Train tutorial: http://foss.unh.edu/projects/index.php/Speech:Training

Details: I wanted to go through the process of doing this how it currently is so I can get a feel what to expect when beginning to create master script(s) for the experiment creation process.

Results The results were not successful. I used the /mnt/main/corpus/switchboards/tiny/train as my Corpus subset and all was going well until I ran the RunAll script at the very end to try and actually get this going. The error I received back right away:

verleihnix Exp/0154> /mnt/main/scripts/train/scripts_pl/RunAll.pl
Can't open perl script "/root/speechtools/SphinxTrain-1.0/0154/scripts_pl/00.verify/verify_all.pl": Permission denied
Something failed: (/root/speechtools/SphinxTrain-1.0/0154/scripts_pl/00.verify/verify_all.pl)

Not sure why I don't have privileged's here... maybe because I logged into Caesar and then ssh'ed into verleihnix?

I plan on trying this again, but this time using Eric's train_01.pl and train_02.pl scripts instead for the first steps.