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Exp. 129: 10hr/train with Senone value of 4000 and density of 16


Author: Eric Beikman

Date: 8/06/13

Purpose: The goal for this experiment is to create an acoustic model using a 10 hour corpus (10hr/train), senone value of 4000, and a density of 16.

Details: This experiment is designed to create an optimized acoustic model for the 10hr/train corpus. This corpus was created by concatinating the transcripts of first_5hr/train and last_5hr/train corpuses, along with combining the audio files from both.

All dictionaries, transcripts, audio files, and other supporting files were cloned from experiment 0127. Unlike Experiment 0127, the senone and densities were increased from their defaults to 4000 and 16 respectively.

Results Train was started on Automatix and it took roughly 3 hours to complete.

This experiment was continued in Experiment 0130.