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Repeat of Experiment 0089 (Train on last_5hr/train) using Fedora


Author: Eric Beikman

Date: 7-7-2013

Purpose: Recreate Experiment 0089 using a different Distro.

Details: As the OS on caesar and the other batch machines is unsupported due to age, we wish to upgrade to not only a more modern version, but also a new Linux distribution which we believe will better support our needs. After a search, we decided on Fedora; installing the distro on one of our test machines, which we call 'rome' (previously known as Marathon). That being said, before rolling out an upgrade, we need to determine if switching to a new Linux distribution will affect the results of our experiment.

This experiment is a recreation of our current "baseline" train experiment: Experiment 0089. We are using the 5 hour long last_5hr/train corpus with a senone value of 1000.

Results Some of the scripts which the train uses were not installed on Rome by default. Installing CPAN was necessary to get the perl scripts that starts the Train running. The version of sox as provided by Caesar in the /usr/local/bin directory is incompatible with fedora, furthermore, due to the default $PATH precedence, the machine overlooked a working version installed directly on the machine; this was resolved by temporarily overriding the $PATH variable to look in /usr/bin before /usr/local/bin; I had to do something similar to the library variable as well.

After the above issues were resolved, the experiment was contined in Speech:Exps_0115 Experiment 0115.