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Author: Scott Adie

Date: (Started) 3/24/2013

Purpose: To test running a train for the first time

Details: Followed the guide [Here] but was not able to get a train to run.


Issues during generating feats

INFO: fe_sigproc.c(771): Will not use double bandwidth in mel filter
INFO: wave2feat.c(139): /mnt/main/Exp/0030/wav/sw2001B-ms98-a-0012.sph
ERROR: "wave2feat.c", line 655: Cannot read /mnt/main/Exp/0030/wav/sw2001B-ms98-a-0012.sph
FATAL_ERROR: "wave2feat.c", line 90: error converting files...exiting
miraculix Exp/0030> ls wav/

as can be seen, nothing exists in my wav directory