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Test Group

Team Members

Checkout Instructions

Open page:
Select Source Tab
Copy link:

Open Windows Explorer
  Browse to [temp directory]
  Right Click the directory
  Select SVN Checkout (requires tortoiseSVN installed)
  Paste into URL of repository:
  Verify the Checkout Directory is your
    working [temp directory]
  click OK button
  A Trunk - Chekcout - TortoiseSVN window will display
  Click OK button
Browse to [temp directory]
browse to sql
the file labeled as: createspeaktables.sql
  is the database schema
Start Server
Login to XAMPP as root
  xampp\mysql\bin\mysql.exe -u root -p
Run the script
SOURCE  F:\workspace\speak\sql\createspeaktables.sql;

Configure Speak Locally:
Start XAMPP & Apache
Check out Speak
  (see instruction above)
Open Windows Explorer
  Edit httpd.conf
    Line 35 "ServerRoot "/xampp/apache"
      Set to your working directory I.E. "F:/xampp/apache"
    Line 183 DocumentRoot "/xampp/htdocs"
      Set to your working directory I.E. "F:/xampp/htdocs"
    Line 210 Directory "/xampp/htdocs"
      Set to your working directory I.E. "F:/xampp/htdocs"
    Immediately following the Directory tags
      Insert a new set of Directory tags to identify the workspace
        <Directory "F:/workspace"> 

           Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes ExecCGI
           AllowOverride All
           Order allow,deny
           Allow from all
    Line 342 insert the ScriptAlias information
      Set the paths to your working paths
                ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "F:/xampp/cgi-bin"
	        Alias /web "F:/workspace" 
	        Alias /rmh-homeroom "F:/workspace/web/rmh-homeroom"
	        Alias /trunk "F:/workspace/web/trunk"
	        Alias /sql "F:/workspace/speak/sql"
	        Alias /speak "F:/workspace/speak"
    Line 362 Directory "F:/xampp/cgi-bin"
You may also have to change the default port 80
  Line 47 Listen 80 I.E. "Listen 8080
    then using localhost define the port at start


Weekly Log of Activities

Week Ending March 28th

Week Ending April 4th

Task List for Week 1 P1 - Due Apr 4th

  • Installation of Tools Complete and Running
  • Review existing Documentation from previous semester
  • Checkout existing codebase from Google code and review
  • Create use cases uml - full system ( can be reviewed)
  • RAD start - crib from last semester
  • From Use Cases - plan Testing senarios ( a start at least)


  • Tools installed and running for Brian, Seth, and Ted
  • 2011 Documentation reviewed and noted (see TestersGroup.doc)
  • Unable to view existing codebase from Google code (File Not Found Error)
  • Use Case UML created (see TestersGroup.doc)
  • RAD started (see TestersGroup.doc)
  • 5 Initial test plan scenarios outlined (see TestersGroup.doc)

Week Ending April 11th

Task List

  • Add task documentation from last week into the documents section.
  • Checkout the codebase and review


  • Added task documentation from last week into the documents section.

Week Ending April 18th

Task List


  • Brian Gailis emailed Dr. Jonas (4/15/2012) requesting sample data
  • Brian Gailis completed the update to the RAD for the areas of Overview and Objectives

Week Ending April 25th

Task List


  • Brian completed the Introduction & Client Profile sections of the RAD document
  • Dr. Jonas has pointed the test team to where Sample Data could be found
    • The test team has asked for further instruction from the PMs regarding the Sample Data
  • When I ran the 4 test data scripts from rev 87, the speak user (mysql) didn't get privs to access the speak database and may have had the wrong password. I didn't notice any error messages during the import, but I wasn't looking carefully. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me? Jbt 20:57, 23 April 2012 (PDT)
  • (Ted) I completed the current system section and started the definitions section. Not quite sure what definitions I should put in, but I said what speak stands for and what it is. Sent an email to Brian, Seth, and Jackie asking for suggestions, and I will talk to them in class about it as well.
  • Brian emailed Justin and Jackie cc'd the team the spreadsheet of sample data requested by Jackie
  • All team members attended URC Poster Presentations

Week Ending May 2nd

Task List

search and view data issues!! the add button will be added by next Wednesday.


  • RAD completed
  • SpEAK locally testing has been
  • Issues have been documented in googlecode
  • This week I got the site running locally on my machine and ran through the site and reported some bugs to Google Code. knic1590011:24, 2 May 2012 (PDT

Week Ending May 9th - LAST DAY OF CLASS

Task List


  • This week I deleted all the issues that had been fixed that I noticed, and I reported new ones. knic1590011:24, 2 May 2012 (PDT
  • Saturday 05/05/2012- Brian worked with Jackie, no login created to upload spreadsheet, Wiki not configured for upload of xls files- spreadsheet of test data couldn't be uploaded
  • (Ted) I added an issue, but I sent it twice by mistake. Also I didn't realize that to search by experiment number you needed to have a start number and an end number, so the issue I reported wasn't necessary.