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What are Hair Plugs: An Overview

What are hair plugs? Hair plugs refer to the grafts of hair follicles used for hair transplant surgeries back in the 1950s. It is one of the most commonly used methods of concealing and reconstructing the head affected by baldness. The process makes use of single follicle strands of hair transplanted from one body part to the head area.

What are Hair Plugs: Facts

The use of hair plugs can be traced back to the 1930s when Japanese doctors began replacing hair loss in the brow area using tiny individual follicular grafts. This first attempt at hair transplantation was soon replicated and developed by skin care specialists from all over the world.

What are hair plugs’ uses? Basically, they are used to treat male-pattern baldness. People suffering from other genetic conditions and individuals who want to enhance their physical appearance often resort to using hair plugs.

What are Hair Plugs: Considerations

Since the use of hair plugs entails surgery, there are several considerations to consider before taking the process. For one, the cost of hair plugs is rather expensive. Each session consist of 1500 to 4000 grafts costing about $4 per graft. Since the procedure is so detailed, the surgery will take a lot of time and very delicate handling. The maintenance after the surgery also proves difficult since the wound needs ample space to heal.

Aside from these, factors, what are hair plugs’ other effects? First, the hair on your scalp may not look as natural at first. And secondly, if you are used to an active lifestyle, you may have to lay low a bit to protect the transplant.

With better technologies being developed to curb the problem of hair loss in males and females, hair plugs are fast becoming obsolete. One of the outstanding innovations in the hair loss industry is the product Rogaine. Rogain reviews have shown how with a topical medication, hair loss can be dramatically cured. With the ever-widening alternatives people have at present, it's just as important to know the answer to "what are hair plugs compared to simple but effective products like Rogaine, etc.?"