Mimir:Spring 2018 Raghava Adusumilli Log

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Week Ending February 6, 2018

  • Discuss and decide on the work to be done individually on the textbook project as a group.
  • Go through Perl docs to figure out how to do assignment 1
  • Decided to do code snippets for the textbook project.
  • Started working on assignment 1 by breaking it up into 3 parts
    1. Hashing data
    2. File Reading
    3. Capturing user input
  • Go through chapter one of the textbook and see if I can improve the existing coding examples or add more to make the narrative easier to understand.
  • Finish first two parts of the assignment and go through BNF grammar.

Trying to make code as simple as possible to reduce BNF grammar complexity.

Week Ending February 13, 2018


Figuring out BNF and perl.


It took some time but now that I got some understanding of it, it helps when I try to look at other grammars like python. Perl was a little confusing because there are many ways to do one thing but now it feels more natural after getting a better understanding of it.


I am gonna spend 6 hrs on BNF as I am pretty confused and spent 3 hrs on Perl.


I am still a little concerned about my understanding of BNF.

Week Ending February 20, 2018


Learning Perl and figuring out a language which can be used to implement same problem in multiple paradigms so as to make the understanding of the textbook more intuitive. And also do the implementations for functional and interpreted paradigms. I also wanted to do further research in LISP


I learned that python or perl could be to do the task and decided to go with python as I felt it was a more well known language compared to perl. I did some studying into lisp which was pretty helpful.


I plan to spend 2 hrs in figuring out the program for paradigms task and 3 hrs on LISP.


No concerns this week as everything went pretty well.

Week Ending February 27, 2018

  • Check with everyone if they want any programs for their chapters and do some classwork.
  • Work on chapter 3 and let Arjun know about the topics I will be working on this week. I wrote the outline for now and have included some of the code snippets in the chapter as well.
  • In this chapter 3 we have to focus on the imperative programming. So I have collected the resources for Imperative programming.
  • Create more code snippets for chapter 3.
  • Created more programming snippets for the chapter, We included more examples for the imperative paradigm, We made progress in the python variable declaration and definition.
  • Practiced more on the LISP.
  • To continue working at the pace, and get the work done as soon as possible, check and create more code snippets for chapter 3 and others.
  • The draft dates are out. We need to finish the draft first before the dates and keep editing chapter 3 to refine it.

Everything is going pretty smoothly. Just plan on completing work over the weekend.

Week Ending March 6, 2018

  • Finish the scratch project write-up. Also, complete the first draft of the textbook chapter.
  • Have to make sure to work on the class notes.
  • Work more on the chapter 3 and get that into order and in proper flow of contents.
  • Meet up with the others to discuss what we are doing for next week.
  • Discuss which team need more code snippets included in their chapter.

I was able to make a lot of progress on the textbook chapter's first draft.

  • Did more work with Arjun on writing up the contents.
  • Discussed the citation format with the others.
  • The outline of the textbook is coming together.

I plan to finish up the write-up first, then do some research and finish the first chapter.


I don't really have any concerns this week.

Week Ending March 20, 2018


My task is to write more in detail about the Imperative paradigm Have to do the research work on the following topics

    • Comparison with other Paradigms
    • Expression and Assignment
    • Scope and Visibility
    • Memory management.

ALong with my work on this project, I have to work on the scratch project as well.


After some research, I felt the comparison is pointless since none of the other paradigms have been explained yet. I was able to make progress on the other two topics. I have to work towards the developing of the project and the wiki page. Finished most of my task and the contents came out to be well structured and detailed.

  • I plan on discussing in detail with Arjun on the chapter and the topics.
  • I plan to do this over the weekend. I want to finish the writing first before the project.

No concerns for now. Everyone seems to be working on their assigned tasks and the book is going to be well structured than before.

Week Ending March 27, 2018


Finishing my scratch project is my highest priority now. But along with that i did a little work on the mimir project as well.

Still working on structuring the chapter 3 and make it more efficient.

  • The mimir seems to be well structured for now, I have to concentrate more on my scratch project.
  • We decided in class about who will be doing the chapters accordingly and the following teams were made:
    • Chap 1 - Bridget and Oreva
    • Chap 2 - Patrick and Sharmila
    • Chap 3 - Raghava and Arjun
    • Chap 4 - Illya and Andry
  • Oreva did the fact checking and helped us find out the errors.
  • My pacman game seems to be getting more complicated as I make progress.
  • Chose the graphics for the chapter and ask for the graphics team to help with this.
  • I plan on at least spending 7 hours this week and make try to finish this game.
  • Come up with the proper outlines for the next sections of chapter 3.

The game seems to be getting more and more complex and this is my main concern.

Week Ending April 3, 2018


Finish up my scratch assignment is my highest priority.

  • Started reviewing previous lecture notes.
  • Finally was able to finish up my scratch project. I was struggling with this for far too long.
  • Reviewed the BNF from the assignment and the notes.
  • Work with my Arjun and finalize some of the programming sections in chapter 3
  • work on the programming snippets for the other chapters as well.

My plan is to spend as much time necessary and finish up this project. Continue the work on the mimir project and make progress in that.


Couldn't concentrate on my other tasks because of my scratch project. But I hope to catch up on everything rest next week.

Week Ending April 10, 2018

  • Work on the code snippets with Arjun.
  • Work on these concepts of the imperative programming
    • Variable and assignments
    • Programming structure
    • Arrays
  • Work more on the lecture notes
  • Work on the homework 4.
  • I tried to do the code Ssnippets for the chapters and the others if they need any help with the programming part in the chapters
  • worked on my lecture notes and have to do some examples for lisp lecture notes.
  • We got the diagram for our chapters from the graphics team (Sharmila and Patrick). We added the diagram in our chapter.
  • Work more on chapter 3 and submit it before the draft deadline.
  • No concerns this week.

Week Ending April 17, 2018

  • Working on the homework 4 more, since the deadline is approaching.
  • Small section of notes is pending in the first section of my lecture notes. I have to finish that and submit.
  • discuss with the others about the draft submission.
  • My main concern for this week is to get the homework 4 done and then do the extra credit statement blocks.

  • Go through the chapter and make the edits wherever needed.
  • Talk to my teammate Arjun and discus more on writing the textbook.
  • Made some programming snippets for the chapters, but couldn't get much time to work on the textbook this week.
  • Made some progress in the imperative programming and the programming structures.
  • Did some work on the memory allocation section.
  • Worked a little on the textbook, made some edits for the flow control and the conditional statements
  • Worked on the topics and then gave it for proof reading.
  • Start to work on the next part of the homework 4.
  • Concentrate on the textbook and the topics which should be included in it.

We dont have much more time to work on the text book. We have to wrap it up.

Week Ending April 24, 2018

  • Work on the following sections :
    • Understanding the memory allocation in the imperative programming
    • Static allocation
    • Dynamic allocation
    • Hybrid allocation
    • Static based allocation and the programming snippets for it
    • Heap-based allocation
    • Do some research on the malloc, calloc, and realloc
  • Work on the keywords and the summary.

  • Completed most of the topics in the textbook, have to refine and edit it.
  • Have to work on the chapter more so that we can make the submission and ask Oreva to fact-check and proofread the chapter for us.
  • Me and my teammate discussed on the topics to be added in chapter 3
  • Made some programming snippets for the chapters, but couldn't get so much time to work on the textbook this week.
  • Made progress in the imperative programming and the programming structures.
  • Worked on the summary more this week.

Almost finished up my work with the chapter and I feel that the content is precise and clean.

  • Work on chapter 3 for this week.

No concerns so far, everything is on schedule.

Week Ending May 1, 2018


First finish off SQRL assignment with the extra credit blocks and try to figure out fibonacci. I also need to clean up the textbook chapter.


It went pretty well I was able to finish all of my tasks this week.


First finish off SQRL assignment and then work on textbook. I plan to spend 12 hrs this week.


No particular concerns this week.

Week Ending May 8, 2018


Just check my chapter and the other chapters to see if everything looks good.


Was able to finish the task.


Spend few hours on going through all the chapters.


No concerns this week.