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Week Ending February 6, 2018

  • Meet with team (Graduate Students) and determine a plan for the Mimir project.
  • Do initial research on subject matter.
  • Order Programming Languages textbook.
  • Gather more information about what is required of the Mimir project from Professor Jonas.
  • Setup Slack channel and keep other students up to date on where we are with the project.

  • Met with all Graduate Students from COMP 825 on 1/31/2018, and we discussed the project in detail for 30 minutes following the COMP 825 class.
  • We determined as a group that we are going to work on Chapter 4, and to focus on one chapter only, since Professor Jonas said the last class focused on Chapter 3.
  • Ordered a Programming Languages textbook, for which I am going to use for reference material on the subject matter that we are researching. The book is Concepts of Programming Languages, Global Edition by Robert Sebesta.
  • I emailed Professor Jonas this week, to ask him for more clarity regarding the project - as in what is the deliverable, and what is required of each of the students, in addition to what is required overall of the project.
  • I setup a Slack channel for everyone in the team (Graduate Students) to communicate outside of class to discuss what we will be doing on the project.

  • I plan on bringing up the fact that other students are not doing enough on a week-by-week basis towards the project.
  • The team will determine what their strengths are by the next meeting, so that we can all decide what role we plan in this project.

  • I think everyone else in the team is behind on what is required of the project. This is evident by them not leaving notes regarding what they have been doing towards the project.

Week Ending February 13, 2018

  • Setup the following teams:
    • Graphics / Diagrams Team
    • Coding / Code Example Team
    • Writing / Editing Team
  • Determine where to begin our work.
  • Determine the scope of our work.
  • Determine the style of our work.
  • I setup the teams based on the strengths of each of the members on a first-come, first-served basis on 2/7/2018. Information regarding the teams was posted in the Group Minutes, as well as the Notes of Draft 5 of the textbook.
  • We determined that we needed to start with Chapter 1, because the content was not up to the level of quality that we thought it should have been.
  • I have decided that at least for my work, I'm going to try to work on all of the chapters. Since I'm team leader of the Graphics / Diagrams Team, this basically means that I'm going to be producing a lot of revised diagrams and images for basically all of the chapters, if possible. I plan to get as much done as I can.
  • I am working with Sharmila to produce a style sheet, which will be based off of our first image, that each of us is going to work on this weekend. We will come up with an example, and then we will determine what software we are going to use to do all of the diagrams and images.
    • Update 2/13/2018: We have produced the first set of images for Chapter 1, including a revision of an existing image, and four new images that detail the various languages of the four primary types of languages.
  • Work on Chapter 2 next week, in addition to the note taking tasks that I am assigned with Andry Bintoro.
  • Create more images this coming week, including for Chapter 2. Try to wrap up Chapter 1 as soon as possible - everyone else is lagging behind.
  • Some members still aren't participating enough.

Week Ending February 20, 2018

  • Meet with Graduate Students at weekly meeting, and determine the deliverables for this week.
  • Do a major amount of writing on the Week 4 Lecture Notes, which can later be used as material for the Textbook.
  • Develop a plan to mitigate non-starters, or members of our team that aren't contributing, or are contributing very little to the project.
  • I met with the Graduate Students after class, and we set up deliverables. I was assigned to work on graphics / diagrams for Chapter 2, which I did. Oreva was assigned to fact check / verify the new diagrams.
    • I completed a new diagram of a compiler, in color, and uploaded it to the Slack channel for verification.
    • I completed a new diagram of an interpreter, which I uploaded to the Slack channel for verification.
    • I completed a new diagram for Procedural Programming Languages, which I uploaded to the Slack channel for verification.
    • I completed a new diagram for Multi-Paradigm Languages, and I uploaded it to the Slack channel for verification.
    • I completed a new diagram for Visual Programming Languages, and I uploaded it to the Slack channel for verification.
  • I worked on the Week 4 Lecture Notes, which can later be used as material for the Textbook.
    • I wrote approximately 8-10 pages of text in the Mimir Week 4 Lecture Notes, completing about half of the work for that specific assignment so far.
    • I described the various paradigms and gave code examples for the languages.
    • I completed all of the paradigms except Multi-Paradigm Languages and Visual Languages, both of which I have started.
    • I also created a diagram showing flow control with line-by-line descriptions of the execution, which was meant to be part of Andry's work this week, however I had some extra time to work on it, and because Andry hasn't even started on his work for the Week 4 Lecture Notes yet, even though I have messaged him multiple times about it.
  • Become more strict about deadlines for the homework each week towards the project, and setup expectations with Andry in regards to him finishing the Week 4 Lecture Notes by a time and date that I would have enough time to complete his part if he can't complete it. If he procrastinates too much, I may end up shouldering all of the weight, because I can't afford to have my grade drop in this class - not to mention that the Lecture Notes contribute to the writing in the textbook, and it's a great learning experience to work on!
    • Have everyone work on the writing for Chapters 1 and 2, in addition to what they specialize in, which we should complete both within the next two weeks.
  • Complete most of the remaining diagrams for other chapters this next week, and begin writing in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 this next week.
    • Use the materials that I have created in the Week 4 Lecture Notes to fill in sections in these chapters, and elaborate on them even more as necessary.
    • Write about topics that I am having a hard time understanding.
    • Try out Visual Programming with Scratch and App Inventor, and get screenshots of them with my own examples in them.
  • Andry seems to be backed up on his homework in all 3 classes that I'm in with him, and he hasn't contributed to the Week 4 Lecture Notes as of yet.
  • Sam hadn't produced the Week 2 diagrams, by the time that I completed all of them, and I told her to go on to Chapter 3 and 4 next, which she still hasn't done.
  • There are probably other people that aren't working on the project - it doesn't seem like we're getting a lot done, because not everyone is writing for an example.
  • It is very aggravating when it seems like I have to do all of the work when other people don't follow through.

Week Ending February 27, 2018

  • Meet with Graduate Students and discuss how to complete the project, including deadlines and deliverables.
  • Finish writing the Week 4 Lecture Notes.
  • Start using Week 4 Lecture Notes for the Textbook - Chapter 2.
  • Edit diagrams that Sam created.

  • Met with the Graduate Students to discuss how we are going to complete the Textbook project.
    • We setup groups, based on our specialties, that will be responsible for completing specific chapter. Our team (Patrick & Sam) is responsible for finishing Chapter 2.
    • We setup deadlines for Draft 1, Draft 2, and Final Version to be completed by. The first draft is due in 2 more weeks. The second draft is due 3 weeks later. The final copy is due two weeks after that.
    • We decided to use APA format.
  • I finished my part in writing the Week 4 Lecture Notes, and Andry completed his part.
  • I started writing Chapter 2 of the textbook, based on editing what was already there, and using my Week 4 Lecture Notes.
  • I edited the diagrams that Sam created last week.
  • Keep working on Chapter 2 next week, get it almost done, so that the only thing that is left is formatting for the last week.
  • Meet with Graduate Students to discuss more strategies for getting more work done on the Textbook.
  • Most people still aren't working hard enough on this project.

Week Ending March 6, 2018

  • Meet with Graduate Students after class and discuss how we are going to get the book completed in time.
  • Complete Chapter 2 glossary of terms, which are the terms out of the chapter that are important and should be summarized at the end of the book.
  • Work on Graduate Research Conference materials for the Mimir project.
  • I met with the Graduate Students after class last week, and we discussed the formatting of the book, among other topics. We decided that we would get the first draft of our chapters done by Spring Break, and that we could meet over Spring Break.
  • I completed the Chapter 2 Glossary, which includes around 30 terms out of the chapter.
  • I came up with an abstract and title for the GRC poster submission.
  • Work on the GRC Poster draft for next week.
  • Complete Chapter 2 First Draft by next meeting.
  • Meet with Grad Students on Wednesday, 3/7/2018 even if we don't have class due to the snow storm.
  • Some of the students are still not performing regularly. There hasn't been a lot of activity on Slack this week, comparatively to other weeks. I think everyone is waiting until the last minute to do stuff, and I'm worried that the quality won't be good enough.

Week Ending March 20, 2018

  • Create an initial template for the Graduate Research Conference poster, and populate the template with information about the Mimir project.
  • Finish Chapter 2 - Draft 1.
  • Talk to Sam about the importance of the writing project.
  • Created the GRC poster template for the Mimir project, with about half of the information filled in. I provided the file in both an image file and a PowerPoint document on Slack, for the rest of the class to work on.
    • I used Bridget's modified version of our Abstract for the description.
    • I filled in information about the various teams such as graphics, coding, and writing.
  • I finished most of Chapter 2 for the first draft.
  • I spoke to Sam (Sharmila) tonight about the importance of the project. I've already decided that I'm going to work more on the parts that she has been working on. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about homework as I am.
  • Start working on Draft 2 of Chapter 2, which is due in 2 weeks.
  • Get more sources than what we are currently using in Chapter 2. Most of the sources came from Wikipedia, and we should diversify our sources, so it doesn't seem that we just re-wrote summary works of other writers - but actually dived into the actual sources that were used in the Wikipedia documents, as well as other sources.
  • Try to motivate Sam to work more on our chapter.
  • Develop a list of citations at the bottom of the chapter document.
  • So far, no one else other than me and Bridget have worked on the GRC poster. Andry said Bridget's work was ok - however I really don't see how looking at something for 30 seconds and saying it looks good constitutes work being done. However, it was a lot more than everyone else did.

Week Ending March 27, 2018

  • Work on Chapter 2 with Sam, including the following sections:
    • Statements
    • Flow Control
    • Loops
    • Conditionals
    • Variables
    • Data Types
  • Completed all work that was scheduled, as noted above, for Chapter #2 this week.
  • Our chapter is now coming along very nicely - it is lengthy and thorough in the way it explains basic programming concepts.
  • Work on the following sections in Chapter #2 with Sam:
    • Structure of Interpreter
    • Operators
    • Jump Statements
    • Exception Handling Statements
    • Atomic and Synchronized Blocks
  • Get Sam to redraw the following diagrams:
    • IF-ELSE
    • SWITCH
    • FOR LOOP
  • Sam currently isn't doing a lot of writing, and her writing isn't in the best grammatical notation.
  • Other students aren't responding very well in Slack, if at all.

Week Ending April 3, 2018

  • Continue work on Chapter #2
  • Try to motivate Sam to write more in the chapter.
  • Work on finalizing the Graduate Research Conference poster.
  • Continued work on Chapter #2, such as:
    • Added more reference material and links to resources.
    • Added famous quote for Chapter 2 - Marvin Minsky.
    • Re-drew the following diagrams:
      • IF-ELSE
      • SWITCH
      • FOR LOOP
      • WHILE LOOP
    • Structure of the Interpreter
    • Operators
    • Exception Handling Statements
    • Jump Statements
    • Atomic and Synchronized Blocks
  • I motivated Sam to work on Operators, among other sections this week.
  • I completed the Graduate Research Conference poster and posted it to Slack. I haven't received any feedback yet on Slack from most members of our team, however Sam said that she liked it.
  • Try to get other members of the team engaged more in writing and editing, including the editing team, and try to ask more of the coding team as well.
  • Make more diagrams with Sam for other chapters in the textbook if applicable.
  • Add more content to our section, such as what are side effects and other attributes of paradigms and other ways to classify programming languages?
  • See if there are any other concepts throughout the Internet that would fit into Chapter #2, such as basic programming topics, like threading statements, File I/O statements, return statements - maybe something about the differences between arguments and parameters, and more definition of what expressions are, in addition to other topics.
  • There are a lot of members of the class that aren't really developing the textbook as a TEXTBOOK, like Professor Jonas requested. He told me to write three paragraphs per section, and I see other teams writing a couple of sentences for a section. Our chapter has more text and content in it than any other chapter that our class is working on, because I've dedicated a lot of time to working on developing it as a TEXTBOOK - per Professor Jonas requests. It would be nice if the rest of the class took the assignment as seriously as I do.

Week Ending April 10, 2018

  • Complete and Submit Mimir Poster to Professor Jonas.
  • Work on diagrams for various chapters with Sam, including a diagram for Raghava's chapter regarding memory management.
  • Work on Week 9 Lecture Notes with Andry.

  • Completed all changes to the Mimir poster for the Graduate Research Conference, and submitted the final version in PDF and PST format to Professor Jonas by April 6th.
  • Worked on diagrams with Sam for various chapters.
    • Diagram for Chapter 2 - Compiler Structure, completed editing and added to the textbook.
    • Diagram for Chapter 3 - Loop Structure in Imperative Programming, completed editing and added to the textbook.
    • Diagram for Raghava's team - Memory In Stack Diagram, completed editing and added to foss.unh.edu, and sent links to Raghava.
  • Made significant progress on Week 9 Lecture Notes, almost done with my half. We can use some of these concepts in our Chapter 2 assigned writing.
  • Get feedback from Professor Jonas on our chapter, and overall on the Mimir project, to see where we need to improve from here.

  • Other groups' chapters are still very small compared to ours, and not just because of our diagrams. Also, other teams really haven't asked us to create a lot of diagrams, even though we've been really self-sufficient in the way we produce our materials, i.e. producing our own code, we could still be doing more for other teams.
  • There isn't a lot left for us to do, because we already have so much done. We could be helping other teams complete their work, however they haven't indicated they want our help even when we have offered it, i.e. writing.

Week Ending April 17, 2018

  • Decide on which new team I'm going to be in.
  • Work on Chapter 1, filling in content for Group #1.
  • I decided with Sam that we're going to be the content team, which adds new content to the chapters according to the outlines that Oreva and Bridget come up with.
  • I added a lot of content to Chapter 1 this week, including:
    • Diagram of the TIOBE index of programming languages diagram.
    • The entire Refinements section of writing, which is around 2 pages long.
    • Editing of all content in the chapter.
    • Moving and including all references to the end of the chapter.
    • Rearranging all content in the chapter according to the outline.
  • Work on Chapter 2 or Chapter 4 next week, depending upon which of the chapters the Outline team comes up with next.
  • Get Sam to participate more with the Mimir textbook project.
  • Sam and others are not participating a lot, still, with the textbook project. I have tried to address this - I think it's out of my control now. Sam has contributed a lot in past weeks, but she gets busy with her homework and doesn't have as much time to work on this project. I think other students are in the same scenario - of not having enough time, likely because of their personal lives.

Week Ending April 24, 2018

  • Work on Chapter 2: Content.
  • Worked on Chapter 2's content filling with Sharmila.
    • Removed Grammars Section.
    • Removed Grammars Keywords at End of Section.
    • Added "Data Structure Concepts"
      • Added Sequences
      • Added Arrays
      • Added Queues
      • Added Stacks
      • Added sections for Sharmila to fill in and informed her of what she needed to do:
        • Trees, Graphs, Hashes, and Lists
  • Work on Chapter 3 next week with Sharmila.
  • Other team members are still not performing at a level that is sufficient. Other students are treating the project like it's an assignment, rather than a textbook. There's also too much content that needs to be added to make the other chapters other than Chapter 2, which is ours, to be like a textbook, and the Outline team isn't adding enough content points to fill in the chapters. If I were to use this as a textbook, the only useful chapter right now is Chapter 2, because it covers literally everything we could possibly think of with regards to our topics. Other chapters just skim the surface of the information in their topics.

Week Ending May 1, 2018

  • Work on Chapter 2 Diagrams with Sharmila.
  • Work on Chapter 3 Content with Sharmila.
  • Edited diagrams created by Sharmila using Lucidchart, and uploaded the diagrams to Chapter 2.
    • Chapter_2_Graph.png
    • Chapter_2_Arrays.png
    • Chapter_2_Lists.png
    • Chapter_2_Stack.png
    • Chapter_2_Tree.png
    • Chapter_2_Queue.png
  • Added my own diagrams that I created using Lucidchart, and uploaded the diagrams to Chapter 2.
    • Chapter_2_Sequence.png
    • Chapter_2_Hash_Table.png
  • Added content to Chapter 3, based on the outline that the writing team came up with.
    • Added hybrid memory allocation type explanation.
    • Summarized keywords at the end of the chapter.
    • Ensured that keywords were bolded throughout the chapter.
  • I'm going to work on Chapter 4 with Sharmila this week, after the writing team gets the outline up for it, and then we'll basically be done with the project. I'm going to ask the group again if there are any diagrams that we should be adding to other chapters, since other teams have pretty much been mum regarding telling us what diagrams they want.
  • There was a problem with Lucidchart where Sharmila couldn't share her work with me, so I kind of had to re-do it, because she had a paid account, and then it closed the account because her card got hacked or something like that. It would have been better had we used a program like Visio that we don't have to worry about ownership rights.
  • I think some of the other teams aren't performing up to the same level as us, such as the Problem Sets team - while they do have a lot of work, they could put in extra time now that the project is almost done.
  • I'm concerned about Andry getting his weekly lecture notes done on time, since it's been about 6 weeks since I did my part on them.

Week Ending May 8, 2018

  • Complete all work on the Mimir Programming Languages Textbook project.
    • Complete Chapter 4 for Content Team with Sharmila.
    • Create any final diagrams that are requested by any other teams, or for our chapter (#2).
  • Complete the weekly lecture notes (Week #9).

  • Waiting on the Outline Team before we can work on Chapter 4.
    • Started working on Chapter 4 by changing around the layout so it's more like Chapter 2. This included adding some bullets for what is covered in the chapter.
    • Added "What are functions?"
    • Added "Call By Value"
    • Added "Call By Reference"
    • Added "Function Overloading"
    • Added "Function Overriding"
      • Added code example from Raghava and screenshot.
    • Added "Pure Functions"
  • I completed Andry's half of the Week 9 Lecture Notes, because he hasn't completed it, and even when I have consistently messaged him about it he hasn't responded. So I'm not going to risk my grade just because someone else doesn't do their part.
  • Complete the textbook project this week, as this is the last week of the class.

  • We are relying on other teams to get their work done, and they haven't yet - for an example the writing team and outline team haven't put up an outline for Chapter 4 yet, so our team (Content Team) doesn't know what to fill in, if anything at all. I'm also waiting on Andry Bintoro to finish his Weekly Lecture Notes. There are other teams that still haven't completed their weekly lecture notes, either, so I'm not sure how I can study it before the exam.