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Week Ending February 6, 2018

  • After class, the graduate students met to discuss the project.
  • We talked about choosing a chapter to focus on, chapter 4.
  • We are going to determine our strengths to move forward.

We haven't started as of yet but we all seem optimistic about what we can get done.


We need to set deliverables for the project.

  • Most are unsure about the project guidelines and what is expected of us.
  • We all agreed we need to speak to Professor Jonas about clarification on the assignment.

Week Ending February 13, 2018

  • We were able to meet virtually through Slack.
  • From what Professor Jonas said, the voice of the writing hasn't been consistent throughout the book, so I decided to join the writing group to tackle that problem.
  • Others have decided to work on consistent images, sudo/code writing, and editing.
  • Illya wrote up a nice document outlining the flow we should follow with each chapter and Andry and I gave our thoughts in comments.
  • We are reading through the chapters to find the correct voice to portray and even though we are still with many basic questions about the assignment, we have started to move forward and work.
  • We are now siloed into groups but we have great communication through Slack.
  • We are in need of deliverables and that should be discussed at our next meeting on 2/14/2018.
  • Once we have a strategic approach to the assignment, we will be able to quickly move through the first chapter.

We are still with many questions on the assignment itself and what is expected to be done for deliverables.

Week Ending February 20, 2018

  • Chapter 1 template and edits.
    • The writing team needs to create a template based off of Illya's initial template for all chapters
    • We need to start editing the content of chapter 1.
  • After starting to edit Chapter 1, I am realizing the scope of work that is to be done.
  • We initially had groups broken based on writing, graphics, and code but since this is a book, the writing is intensive and I think we should modify our approach to this assignment.
  • Everyone should be assigned a section of each chapter to work on and then within our established groups, we can work on those other deliverables like grammar checking and voice in my case.
  • Modify our approach to the project,
  • Break down the chapters into sections and assignment specific deliverables.

The amount of writing work and research that needs to be done.

Week Ending February 27, 2018


Work on chapter 1 with Oreva. We split the chapter based on topics, I will write:

  • What is a programming language?
  • Why study programming languages?
  • Who uses programming languages?
  • Chapter Summary

We will both work on the key terms.


I have been working on researching the topics and have a nice outline for myself to work with throughout the semester. The grad students are all pretty organized now and the project is running smoothly since we all have specific tasks to complete. Once the writing of the first draft is due, we will also have our other parts to work on.


To continue to work on Chapter 1 and answer any grammar or voice questions someone may have. To also send the class any code or graphics that should be completed.

  • Draft 1 - Due 3/14/2018
  • Draft 2 - Due 4/4/2018
  • Final Draft - Due 4/18/2018

I don't have any concerns right now as we are much more organized with our deliverables and chapter each person/group is doing.

Week Ending March 6, 2018


I will be doing the following tasks this week: Meeting as a group Work on Chapter 1 Research Work on Chapter 1 writing Work on Abstract


I have a layout of what I will write about in Chapter 1. I still need to do research but I am not worried as I am in good shape with everything. We have finalized an abstract and it has been sent to Jonas.

We also decided on this chapter layout:

  • Chapter #: Title
  • A famous quote that relates to content.
  • In this chapter, you will learn:
    • State learning objectives
  • Body Sections (they all include these subsections, as needed)
    • Highlight important points with a text box
    • Utilize code for examples and further explanation and understanding
  • Summary
    • An outline of what was discussed
  • Key Words
  • Citations

We need to work on the GRC poster. I then need to finalize my first draft of chapter 1 with Oreva.


I don't have any concern except the weather. I am hoping the storm will be late Wednesday (after class) into Thursday.

Week Ending March 20, 2018

  • Researching What Is A Programming Language,
  • Researching Why Study Programming Languages,
  • Researching Who Uses Programming Languages
  • Writing the results in chapter 1
  • Finished What Is A Programming Language,
  • Finished Why Study Programming Languages,
  • I didn't get to finish up Who Uses Programming Languages but have a good start on the rest.
  • Work with Oreva to get chapter 1 draft done this week.
  • Input all sources into the chapter
  • Finish Who Uses Programming Languages
  • None for this week, we all, for the most part, are working well together as a team.

Week Ending March 27, 2018

  • Continue to work on chapter 1 of the book.
  • Make sure the flow is working and the chapter is filled out.
  • Finish the summary section
  • Oreva and I talked about where we both were in chapter 1 and any problems we were facing, we are both on the same page.
  • Chapter 1 is shorter than the other chapters but we also started with nothing and everyone else started with a good base.
  • Finish up chapter 1 draft 2.
  • Choose graphics needed
  • Choose code examples needed
  • None at the time, everyone is working well together to get this done.

Week Ending April 3, 2018

  • Research Who Uses Programming Languages
  • Finish the summary
  • I didn't get to finish the summary yet because we are not done the remaining parts
  • I found some great content on who uses programming languages.
  • Finish up chapter 1
  • Sit down with Oreva to get the flow working.
  • None at the time, Oreva and I talked a few days a week and make sure we are both on track.

Week Ending April 10, 2018

  • To finish chapter 1 writing with Oreva.
  • I will be working on research on my topics in that chapter
  • Making sure the flow of the chapter works well.
  • The chapter is looking much better
  • We still will need a few changes in the layout to make it look like a textbook.
    • Fix keywords
    • Fix sources
    • Fix wording
  • Continue to work with Oreva on the chapter and the team on the overall flow of the book.
  • Meet with the entire team to talk about where everyone is and what is needed from the grammar team.
  • Only that we may have to change a lot based on a conversation some classmates had with Professor Jonas.

Week Ending April 17, 2018

  • Create the outline for chapter 1 with Oreva
  • Make changes to chapter 1 after the content is done to make sure it follows the outline
  • Create the outline for chapter 2 if we have time
  • Oreva and I had the outline done and the writing team is working on it.
  • We still need to go through the chapter to make sure it follows the outline and the structure is correct.
  • Next week we are going to finish up chapter 1 fully
  • We are going to get going on chapter 2
  • Oreva will create the outline and I will fix all structure matters
  • None, Oreva and I are an awesome team.

Week Ending April 24, 2018

  • Outlines for chapters 1 and 2
  • Organize the layout after the writing is complete
  • Finalize chapter 1
  • Outlines were done by Oreva
  • I am working on finalizing chapter 1, this will be done by the weekend
  • Finalize chapter 1 by the weekend
  • Finalize chapter 2 by Wednesday
  • Outlines for chapters 3 and 4 by Oreva
  • None really, we were told not to focus on adding too much content to the textbook and to focus on making it look like a textbook. So we all just need to work on our parts.

Week Ending May 1, 2018

  • Finalize chapter 1
  • Finalize chapter 2
  • Outlines for chapters 3 & 4
  • Chapter 1 is done with writing (as far as I know from the writing team) and is organized with the structure.
  • I am still working on chapter 2's structure, will be done hopefully by Wednesday night
  • Oreva did the outlines for chapters 3 & 4
  • Wait for the writing to be done for chapters 3 & 4
  • Finalize their structure by Friday night
  • Then we should be done with our part and wait for the flow and voice team to finish up their work.
  • I am not concerned about the book, just the exam and the final project is concerning to me.

Week Ending May 8, 2018

  • Finalize chapter 2
  • Finalize chapter 3
  • Finalize chapter 4
  • Chapter 2 is very long and it took me over an hour to just get through the citations and half of the keywords. I will finish the chapter after class on Wednesday.
  • I need to finish the citations and keyword organization in chapters 3 and 4.
  • I think the writing team is done with their work, the graphics I believe are all done, the code examples should be done as well. I am unsure about the overall flow and voice of the book.
  • Finish and finalize all 4 chapters by Friday would be ideal so we can work on the final project.
  • Work on the final project.
  • The book was an interesting project and we all worked very hard on the outcome but having all of our work simultaneously was a difficult task. Some of us worked much better together than others did and we all seemed to have a different concept of how the book was to be writing and the work was to be separated. Hopefully, the final results showcase that we did work on trying to make the look and feel like a textbook but I am unsure if the final result will be a good representation of a textbook.