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Week Ending February 20, 2017

  • start reading the last 3 drafts and take notes.
  • we as a group decided to work on chapter 3 add more to it and if we still have time we might look into adding to other chapters.
  • Start looking at basic python concepts. Try to match them so they are similar to the perl basic concepts.
  • first I copied all the content of the text book to our draft 4th draft.
  • and I started to add some Python Coding concepts:
  1. I added data types (variable, strings)
  2. added content about Boolean and Boolean operators.
  3. Added Python Mathematical Concepts and operations.
  4. Added structures and examples of ( if, elif, and else) Conditions.
  5. Talked about loops ( while and for) loops also added the structure of the code and examples for each one.
  6. Print Statements.
  7. Loops.
  8. Functions.
  9. Structure
  • in the last semester I took a(Python) course in Udacity.com so my plan is to use what I learned in this course :) . and try to match my basic python concepts with the perl basic concepts from the previous drafts.

our main concern is that we are a little behind we started this text book very late but we are going to make up for the lost time and start strong and hopefully by the end of the semester we will have an awesome chapter.

Week Ending February 27, 2017


my task for this week is to keep working on the Python coding concepts last week I was almost done with all the coding there was just few loops types I needed to add and I am going to add them this week, also I need to add more narrative to the Python coding concepts because what I have there is not enough. and it is my tern to add my notes next week so I was getting ready for that doing some searches and googling stuff try to find some good outlines to add them on the wiki notes next Thursday.


every thing went as expected, added more code to the loop part and waiting to see what my next week task is? we are going to decide to work on more chapters for the next coming weeks because it seems that we are done with chapter 3, some of us are already working on chapter 4. we will wait to see what are our tasks for the next week but most likely we are doing chapter 4 and 5

  • finish chapter 3 by Feb 27,2017 and try to read chapter 4 and 5 to see what parts I want to be working on


I am concerned on how our parts are distributed. in my opinion I think we should divide parts to pairs like every 2 people responsible of finishing a part this week and so on.

Week Ending March 6, 2017

  • my main task for this week is to do the outlines and put them on Wiki on Thursday before 12pm.
  • after Professor reviews the outlines I m going to work on it hopping it will be done with it by next class with help from Brian.
  • for the text book my role for this week is to read and review chapter 4, find out what can I add or what part I want to do.
  • also I have to review the Perl part at chapter 3 and try to do some changes to it. add more things and try to make it more consistent.
  • we have to finish and submit HW2 and extra HW2 by Tuesday March 3rd.

  • for the first task I did the outlines and send them to my partner before sending them to professor Jonas and on Thursday I send the outlines to professor Jonas he replied on Friday after I sent him a reminder

about it. and he has added a lot to the outlines so as he said more work for us to do :)

  • I wasn't able to add much content to the outlines or do any changes because I was so busy with learning Lisp concepts and solving Hw2 questions it took me almost all the week.
  • for the text book I had chance to review the pearl part in chapter 3 I found some more content to add.
  • for chapter 4 in the textbook I also read it and had the chance to do a draft about it just have to check it with my partner before I add it on Wiki.
  • finished and submitted HW2.

  • my plan for this week was to focus more on Hw2 so I watched a lot of tutorials, tried to do different kind of lisp exercises.it took me almost all the week to do Hw2 I spent more than 12 hour learning the language and almost 24 hour to do the HW.
  • send an email to Brian to start working on this week's notes, since I will be so busy with the HW and I think he has better coding experience than me so he will not spend all week on HW like me.
  • try to find some time to finish my tasks on the textbook.


my concern for this week is I am sure that I will not be able to do all the tasks that I have unless I finish the HW.

Week Ending March 20, 2017

  • keep working on the lecture notes.
  • start reading chapter 5 Logic programming paradigm in the text book.
  • try to add some content to chapter 5 in the text book.

  • first task: I couldn't finish the whole thing but I am still working on it.
  • I did read chapter 5 in the text book I have some notes on it and will discuss it more with the team when we meet after spring break.

  • keep looking for more information to add to both the lecture notes and chapter 5 of the textbook.

No concerns so far.

Week Ending March 27, 2017

  • send the scratch proposal.
  • keep working on chapter 5 of the text book.
  • keep working on my lecture notes.
  • prepare and send the new lecture notes.

  • finished and sent the scratch project proposal.
  • couldn't add much to the text book, but I have some notes and still have to discuss it with Surrbhi and the rest of graduates.
  • almost done with my first lecture notes Brian(my partner) send me an email saying that he can work on the rest so I stopped adding notes, waiting to see what he has done. if he didn't finish it I will have to finish it and he will have to complete the 2nd lecture that was assigned to us.
  • I did prepare and sent the 2nd lecture outlines and send it to Professor Jonas, but he didn't reply yet so we can't add to it until he reviews and approves them.

  • next week we have to work on our scratch game and submit it.
  • me and Surrbhi will keep working on Chapter5 of the text book.
  • and keep adding to the lecture notes.
  • nothing

Week Ending April 3, 2017

  • keep working on our scratch game and submit it.
  • me and Surrbhi will keep working on Chapter5 of the text book.
  • keep adding to the lecture notes.
  • send an email to Professor Jonas to review my lecture notes and grade it.
  • work on the GRC Poster.
  • Finished all of Week 8 lecture notes added a lot of examples and pictures. next lecture notes should be done by Brian that is how we divided it I do the first and he does the second.
  • looked over chapter 5 in text book every thing looks ok it doesn't seem like there is much for us to add to it. maybe just add a summery and some key words I think I am going to add a part and talk about Prolog language.
  • start working on HW4.
  • sent an email to Professor Jonas but he didn't reply to me yet so I am going to send him a reminder today.
  • the Poster was done by Nick but I designed another one with the same content I only changed the colors and font size.
  • spend time on the Prolog Part I am supposed to finish I have the content in a word file and I am suppose to post it next week.
  • spend some time on the GRC Poster and upload it to Google drive, send an email to the group to review it.
  • keep working on and adding other Prolog Programming concepts.
  • start working on HW 4.

  • my biggest Concern is the second Lecture notes supposed to be completed by Brian, I hope he finishes them in time.
  • HW4 concerns me a lot :(

Week Ending April 10, 2017

  • my task for this week was to keep working on the Prolog part of chapter 5

  • added a lot of content and I am going to post it all on foss pages by the end of April.
  • keep looking online for more information to add.

No concerns

Week Ending April 17, 2017


my task for this week is to keep working on Chapter 5 "Logic Programming", I need to add more content and do more research on Prolog P programming Language, and to work on editing and table off content of chapter 5, and other chapters if possible.

Finish HW4


HW4 is not done yet,

and I checked all the chapters we worked on and did some changes. added more details to chapter 5.


my plan was to finish HW4 and then finish chapter 5 but instead I worked more on editing the previous chapters.


everything is good, no concerns. my only concern is that Brian still hasn't done the lecture notes.

Week Ending April 24, 2017

  • my task for this week is to keep working on Chapter 5 of the text book.
  • take a look at Chapter 6 and try to add to it.
  • keep working on HW 4 and submit it on time.
  • Professor Jonas wanted me to change a screenshot in my lecture notes so I will do that this week.

  • Chapter 5 is almost done I did my part the only thing left to do is for the group to take a look at it and see if there is anything they want me to add or change.
  • didn't have time to look at chapter 6 yet but will try to do it before next meeting.
  • I am still working on the HW4.
  • edited the picture and posted it on lecture notes.

  • my plan for this week is to finish chapter 5.
  • change the screen shot.
  • look into other chapters and try to do some changes if necessary.


no Concerns

Week Ending May 1, 2017

  • Complete the Prolog Programming Part and add examples.
  • Add more content to chapter 5.
  • explain what program paradigm is.
  • Add Prolog Programming Concepts.
  • Talk about Basic features of Prolog
    • facts.
    • Terms
    • logical Variables.
    • Shared Variables.
    • Rules.
    • Data Types.

  • All tasks are complete

Finished my Part of Chapter 5, now I will wait for Surrbhi to do her part to complete Chapter 5.


everything worked as planned for Chapter 5.

the thing that concerns me a lot is the second chapter notes Brian is supposed to finish it this week, so I hope he does. and For the first lecture notes that I did Professor Jonas told me to redo one of the screen pics, I finished it and send an email to professor Jonas but he still didn't reply.

Week Ending May 8, 2017

  • Add more details on chapter 5
    • explain what logic Programming is.
    • main Programming Paradigms.
    • our focus in this chapter is Logic Programming Paradigm so I need to talk more about it.
  • talk more about Datalog.
    • Add examples.
    • Free software open source.
    • None -Free software.


I accomplished all the tasks this week, I finished chapter 5, I think one of the guys in the group is supposed to check and edit some grammar and spelling issues,

one of my main concerns over all the semester was the 2nd lecture notes Brian was supposed to complete the 2nd and as I expected he didn't so I had to do it myself.


I think I have done a lot in this project I added a lot of details in chapter 3 I did almost all the Python coding Part. and I finished chapter 5. I am not sure what else I need to do but the graduate group want to have another meeting after the final exam to talk about the book, the plan for now is to prepare for the Final test.


None :)