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Minutes for Week Ending on 2/18/2014

Minutes by Eric Hutchins

Everyone is here – First Meeting

Beginning: 8:30pm to 8:40pm

We are looking over Gabriel’s first draft of how we should lay out our outline of the textbook.

Came to a decision where we want the paradigm to be the main focus of each chapter, and then to

have the language we are learning in class to be included in the chapter as the focus language. Will also

mention the other languages closest associated with that paradigms

Talked about having one chapter as a introduction to paradigms then each one after is a paradigm for


Introduction could be just a brief chapter about what programming languages are, the qualities of such,

and also the paradigms.

Decision was to have two introduction chapters. May change that later once we get more information


Next topic: 8:40pm – 8:45pm

How we are approaching the content of each chapter. We could either do it by ourselves for our

sections that were recorded completely, or we can work more fluidly with each other as things happen

and tweak the sections as we go.

Decided that each one of us will focus on our individual sections for now.

Next Topic: 8:45pm – 8:54pm

When can we meet with one another?

Decided to keep meeting here at the college at 8:30pm after classes for twenty minutes to an hour or

more depending on what we are working on. We can order pizzas or something if we need to, but we

can stay here late.

We can also keep in touch via the email chain we have set up.

Everyone agrees.

Next Topic: 8:55pm – 8:58pm

Outline Structure

Idea that we should have exercises at the end of each chapter based on the way that paradigm’s

language works. We could use examples from the labs if they fit. General consensus is that it sounds like a good idea.

Next Topic: 8:58pm – 9:01pm

If we can’t use Google Docs what can we use?

We can use Gabriel’s personal server to work off of a document. Also discussed that we should work in

a word document and copy and paste it onto the wiki page so that we can deal with how slow the wiki is

but also so we can have a backup copy in case the wiki fails.

'Next Topic: 9:01pm – 9:10pm

More outline structure discussion. We can set it up any way we want.

We will have a new copy by Friday and then discuss it further online.

We can edit the writing styles and make them match up later on. For now we need the content of the


Next Topic: 9:10pm – 9:25pm

Jonas brought us books to look at for reference. More about outlines.

Spoke about what are the next steps. Need more material to do the chapters, but we should also do

some work ahead of time for things such as introductory paragraphs, questions in the chapters, and

exercises at the end.

Important question to ask “How do we talk about languages?” – Jonas recommends talking about this in

the introductory chapter.

Talked about creating a template for each chapter so all of our chapters look similar even if the writing

styles are different.

Explaining more about what each language is, more than just what their paradigm is.

Why talk about functional and imperative? Because we want to contrast between the newer stuff and

the older, and how it is mixed together.

End of Meeting – Will meet again next week at the same time.

Minutes for Week Ending on 2/25/2014

Minutes by Eric Hutchins

Those of us there decided it would be best to skip the meeting this week due to the homework. We will meet next week as usual after class.

Minutes for Week Ending on 3/04/2014

Minutes by Sergiu Gabriel Mihu

We discussed about issues and solutions regarding Mimir project a couple of time this week, at least Gabriel, Erol and Daniel. We met at school before classes and we exchanged information regarding resources.

All of us met after class, the regular weekly meeting.

Chapter list has been sent and needs to be implemented.

Book content: it would be nice to have in the introduction the programming waves (machine code, assembly...). Check wikipedia.org/wiki/programming_language_generations

Prolog: let's skip this for now, and if we have time until the end we can go over it.

Added the following chapters:

  • Variables: type/scope/implementation
  • Programming language generations

We will follow the basic chapter structure.

There's no rule about the weekly logs. Let's do this:

  • Notes section is filled with what the owner has done
  • Comments - our own comments
  • Feedback - other's comments on our work - format: "signature" + "comment"

Next week goal:

  • each of us should fill in an incipient content into their assigned chapter of the book.

Communication will continue face to face, by email and the Google group.

Issues/risks: we are not worried at this point, it's a team effort, and by the end of the semester we should be ok.

Minutes for Week Ending on 4/01/2014

Minutes by Daniel Mamede.

Everyone was present;

Pavlos entered some comments on the mimir textbook, Eric said he was going to put something in this weekend;

The group reviewed who would be responsible to cover each chapter. After revisiting the book structure, chapter by chapter, we came up with the following outline:

Chapter 1: Intro – everybody will pitch in;

Chapter 2: Overview of programming languages - Gabriel;

Chapter 3: Imperative programming. Perl – Pavlos;

Chapter 4: Functional programming. Lisp – Daniel;

Chapter 5: Prolog (NOT COVERED)

Chapter 6: Visual programming. Scratch – Eric;

Chapter 7: Procedural programming. C – Erol;

Chapter 8: Object Oriented programming. C++, Java – Erol;

Chapter 9: Tokenization: a Lexical analyzer in Java – Eric;

Chapter 10: Writing your own language: the Parser – Eric;

Chapter 11: Grammars and Parsing – Casey and Eric (Parsing) and Erol (recursive);

Chapter 12: Table driven versus recursive descent parsing – Daniel;;

Chapter 13: Using lex and yacc – TBD;

Minutes for Week Ending on 4/01/2014

Minutes by Pavlos Myroftsalis

Everyone is here. Review of the progress since the last meeting

Beginning: 8:30pm to 8:36pm

Discussion regarding the Introduction. Suggestions to use the template of the textbook, a brief description of what chapter is about and the context of the poster.

Next topic: 8:36pm to 8:39pm

Talked about the quote and how we choose a quote for a chapter. How the quote of our choice can relate to the subject. Chapter 2 does not need to elaborate more on the paradigms because that is what the language chapters will do. How thorough should this “First Draft” be?

Next topic: 8:39pm to 8:41pm

Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 raised a concern about the format of the chapters and about the consistency of the textbook.

Next topic: 8:41pm to 8:43pm

Chapter 6 has covered the part that talks about Scratch. Eric pointed out that he wants to elaborate more on the part of visual programming.

Next topic: 8:43pm to 8:46pm

Chapter 7 has an extensive and detailed outline. This simplifies and organizes the work that needs to be done for the specific chapter. Idea that we should use for the chapters with languages the structure from the first template. We will have the same structure and we will only have to give titles and fill in the sections.

Next topic: 8:46pm to 8:57pm

Conserns about the Tokenizer chapter and the combination of parser and grammars. Chapter 10 seems to be redundant. Grammars and Parsing will be cover in chapter 11 and in Chapter 12. Talked about the change of the chapters in order not to have chapters with overlapping context. Suggestion that the chapter can have a general title: “Write your own language” and then subtitles for the chapters that currently talk about the grammars and about the parsing.

Next topic: 8:57pm to 9:02pm

Conclusion to change the chapters: Chapter 9 Grammars, Chapter 10 Tokenization: a lexical analyzer in Java, Chapter 11 Writing your own language: the Parser, Chapter 12 Using lex and yacc, Chapter 13 Auxiliary

last topic: 9:02pm to 9:06pm

Important words in Bold in all the chapters We will not fill up Chapter 5 about Logic but we won’t remove it from the outline for now.