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Following the proposed summary outline, based on class material and the books borrowed from prof Jonas.
Eric (I believe) proposed below an internal chapter structure. It seems to follow what we discussed during the meeting and it seems a very good approach for what we intend to do for the chapters included in section II.
Probably splitting the book in three sections would be a good idea, since we have an introductory section, a detailed section on paradigms and a third section that details grammar and envisions the creation of a PL

Summary outline

I. Introduction

1. Introduction

2. Overview of programming languages


How do we use it?


How is it implemented?

Programming paradigms

Programming paradigms - here we can mention more paradigms than we talked about in the first lecture, with accent on the ones we will discuss further in the book.


3. Programming language generations

4. Variables - type/scope/implementation

II. Details on programming paradigms

3. Imperative programming. Perl

4. Functional programming. Lisp

5. Logic programming. Prolog

6. Visual programming. Scratch

7. Procedural programming. C

8. Object Oriented programming. C++, Java

III. Application

9. Tokenization: a Lexical analyzer in Java

10. Writing your own language: the Parser

11. Grammars and Parsing

12. Table driven versus recursive descent parsing

12. Using lex and yacc

IV. Auxiliary

We should include here solutions to exercises, glossary, bibliography, etc.

Chapter Template (V1)


Note 1: This template is what we should be using for each chapter. The individual parts can be longer but they should still follow the same flow. In theory you should be able to copy and paste the code and just make small changes before adding content. Note 2: We should probably have one intro picture per chapter. The MimirsWell is just a stock picture for the moment. To have it align properly make sure it is under the chapter header. Note 3: Please make changes and talk about it!

Introduction to Chapter/Paradigm

Possible quote space before each chapter's introduction?

Enter in one to two paragraphs giving a brief overview of the chapter ahead.

Section 1 (The Paradigm)

Several paragraphs explaining each section, then as we get down into details move into sub sections. To have proper flow, which we will be adjusting mostly later, we can have the first section focus on that paradigm. The next section talk about the language we are focusing on in particular, etc, etc.

Sub Section 1
Sub-Section 2

Section 2 (Our Language)

Sub Section 1
Sub-Section 2

Section 3 (Exercises)

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

Section X

Sub Section 1
Sub-Section 2

End of Chapter Template