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Graphics Team

  • Patrick R. McElhiney - will work on creating a consistency of the images, all throughout the entire book. Will work with Sharmila.
  • Sharmila Chandrakanth Pankaja - will work with Patrick to create drafts of images, that Patrick will then create the final versions.

Coding Team

  • Raghava Adusumilli - will create code/sudo code examples wherever necessary. Will work with Arjun with this.
  • Arjun Padaliya - will work on code/pseudo code with Raghava.

Writing Team

  • Bridget Franciscovich - will work on consistency within the writing. Writing team leader.
  • Orevaoghene David Omu - will work on fact checking in the writing.
  • Andry Bintoro - will work on writing and editing.
  • Illya Kovarik - will work on writing and editing.

Revision History


We decided that we would split up the first four chapters among us in groups of two members.

  • Chapter 1 - Bridget & Oreva
  • Chapter 2 - Sam & Patrick
  • Chapter 3 - Rag & Arjun
  • Chapter 4 - Illya & Andry

We decided on timelines for due dates for the first four chapters:

  • Draft 1 - Due in 3 Weeks (3/14/2018)
  • Draft 2 - Due in 6 Weeks (4/4/2018)
  • Final Draft - Due in 8 Weeks (4/18/2018)

We decided on a format Cite with APA Format

  • 3 paragraphs per section, plus coding examples