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Chapter 8: Object-Oriented Programming

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The Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm


Multi-paradigms and support for object oriented programming

Object oriented design: method, object, class, message

Modeling the human interaction

Encapsulation, data and operation hiding, getters and setter

Objects and message passing

Inheritance, reuse, multiple inheritance

Polymorphism, type checking

Concurrency (threads, message passing)

Usage, initialization, allocation, constructors, destructors

Dynamic and static binding

Memory allocation, physical and logical places

Data types

Primitive and abstract data types (vector, string, etc.)

Casting, Boxing, auto-boxing

Language Representatives and Pragmatics (Smalltalk, C++, Java, Objective-C, Ruby, Python)

Packages, libraries and standardization efforts

Concept of abstraction

Parameterized ADT

Exception Handling


Multi-paradigms languages and support for object oriented programming


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