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Chapter TODOs

  • insert quote
  • fill in content
  • summary
  • exercises
  • make the picture on the right a token?
  • not sure how to organize under "C" heading, since I'm not clear what part is describing C, and what part is describing procedural languages

Chapter 7: Procedural programming


The Procedural Paradigm


An introduction to the chapter should go here.


Procedural and declarative programming

The need for procedural programming

Arithmetic operations, functions, subroutines, procedures

Machine code to imperative programming

Computational steps, change of program state

Go-to dilemma

Procedures and Modularity: Structural and Modular programming

Language Representatives and Pragmatics (C, C++, Fortran, Pascal, Basic)

Design considerations: procedure, record, call

Program elements, native types and statements

Identifiers and literals

Operators and punctuators

Assignments, procedure calls


Iterations, conditional branching

Generic programming, parameterized functions, templates

Libraries, containers, I/O


A quick summary of the chapter should go here

Key Terms

A list of key terms should go here. This should be created using some sort of glossary type plugin.

Problem Sets

A list of practice problems