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Each semester, students express interest in internships, and the program (through the internship course, and sometime other courses, such as CIS independent study or UNHM independent study) provides college credit for the students who fill an internship position (minimum 150 hours intern work). Once students are offered an internship placement, an internship agreement form is filled out by the internship sponsor supervisor and the interning student. That agreement form information is collected by the course instructor (faculty adviser) and passed to the program coordinator, who inserted into an Excel file. Excel file data is organized by worksheets created each semester. At end of internship, faculty members send out letters to intern supervisors to gauge student work performance. This database will enhance CRM efficiency for the UNHM CT program. This is a real-world application that will optimize the existing CT-UNHM internship tracking information system.

What problems does the database solve?

Student internship data is being tracked in an inefficient Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It is difficult for the UNH Staff to capture all data from email correspondence between Internship Sponsors and UNHM. The communications and evaluations sent from the sponsors contain key information that needs to be compiled and shared. In current implementation, it’s difficult to pull data (query) from multiple semesters which would be beneficial to the analysis of the internship program. The data stored in this tabular flat file format essentially dies with each semester due to its inability to be compiled and compared easily. It’s also difficult to input or edit information and there is potential for duplication of data.


The objective of this project is to create and document a functional database in which student internship data can be inputted and queried to ensure high efficiency and streamlined success of UNH’s internship program.