Internship2Career:2011 Spring Meetings

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Feb 15,2011


Primary Facilitator: Steve
Minutes Taker: Aaron

get pear working, download phpunit, begin unit testing, install Ventrillo and teamviewer.
Most of the members have sharing software (Ventrillo and Teamviewer) installed on local pc's. Working on installing pear on local machines.
  • Discussion items: How our individual php files are coming along and what we need to modify to keep everything functional. How to install pear on the local pc (can be a pain).
    • Simple Tests or PHPUnit?
    • Database Design Issues: The name was too long so it needs to be shortened.
  • Others: Nothing to note just make sure everyones files work.


get pear working, download phpunit, begin unit testing, install Ventrillo and teamviewer.
Installed pear on Dan's and Brice's local computers. Others have doxygen and sharing software.
  • Discussion: Getting all the pages to have functionality. Installing Pear.
  • Others: Nothing

Feb 22,2011


Primary Facilitator: Dan
Minutes Taker: Aaron

Get all the files working; model, dbcontrol, sim folders. Change the view folder to "sim".
Everyone has pear installed along with Vent and Teamviewer.
  • Discussion items: The functionality of the php files and beginning of unit testing.
    • Simple Tests or PHPUnit?
    • Database Design Issues: Adding a password to the root account on the database.
  • Others: Begin Unit Testing.


Fix Opportunity and User php files. Get unit testing files working on all local machines.
  • Where is Steve?
  • Dan solved UAC problem (vista/7). Make the main classes only have setters and getters. Edited the class files. Updated all the other files that were affected by this change.
  • Mike Commented internship files and fixed them up.
  • Brice updated major and category files to reflect the new changes.
  • Aaron Updated the user and opportunity files to reflect the changes.
  • Steve Updated the student files to reflect the changes.
  • All Members got pear PHPUnit working.
  • Doxygen installed.
  • The simple errors that Aaron makes in his code.
  • Turning off the warnings for php and only show the errors.
  • How to use Teamviewer. Setting up a conversation in Vent.
  • Mike showed us how to create a doxygen document.
  • Dan solved small errors in Aaron's Code.
  • Title Name??? We need one of these by next class.
  • See
  • View Control
    • components
      • view: has html forms, tables, links, buttons. Primarily html
      • Model: Active variables from user input and references to domain class objects.
      • Control: $_GET, $_POST, $_SESSION
  • db install has to have these 4 at minimum.
    • dbxxx.php
    • createxxx
    • deletexxx
    • insertintoxxx
    • selectAllxxx
  • change return 0 and 1 to return true and false
  • have copyright
  • create sandbox
  • come up with list of use cases (examples in chapter 8).
  • php.ini has to have error_reporting = E_ALL (xampp/php/php.ini).
  • Steve should do the following:
    • Start on the use cases
    • Create an abstract for the Undergrad Research Conference. We need the draft in 3 days. We each must register after picking a team name.
  • Brice should do the following:
    • clean up major and category files
    • Document files with doxygen.
    • update organization with Aaron.
  • Aaron should do the following:
    • clean up opportunity and user files
    • Document files with doxygen.
    • update organization with Brice.
  • Mike should do the following:
    • clean up internship files
    • Document files with doxygen.
  • Dan should do the following:
    • clean up contact files
    • Document files with doxygen.

March 1,2011


Primary Facilitator: Steve. Minutes Taker: Aaron

Update all of the Documentation within project files. Create functions for creating each table in the project database. Begin dbInstall and dbInstallSandbox implementation. Continue completion of RAD document.
  • Steve reports on RAD documentation.
  • Everyone reports that they have doxygen running on their computer.
  • Aaron and Brice report on dbInstall and dbInstallSandbox implementation.
  • Aaron, Brice, and Mike report on documentation in their respective project files.
  • Dan reports on transition coding with old internship application forms and files.
The functionality of the doxygen and documentation.
  • ...
  • ...


Stuff we talked about in class today
  • How to open the doxywizard
  • Keeping all the settings for the doxy files the same on the wiki.
  • Run doxywizard every time you make a change and update the i2c folder.
  • copyright 2011 by your name. this program is part of internship to career program. this is free software. there is no warrantee. can be used copied and distributed.
  • Comment on all getters and setters.
  • Add the create table info from the install file to each of our files. See dbContact.php for example. provide database functions to create, update, add and delete table.
  • Open and close a connection when you perform each function on the database in all our db files.
    • if !result echo return false (echo the errors)
    • if !false report error???
  • error handling could be 70% of the code we write.
    • the best way to do error handling is through object orientation.
  • change results from 0 and 1 to false and true.
  • look at page 191 in the book.
  • upload a template for error reporting.
  • code can't be over 80 characters long.
  • use camel case naming convention.
  • all code must be formatted.
  • all code must be documented.
  • class block comment has one descriptive sentence.
  • one setter and one getter with block comments.
  • add if$0 to dbOrganization
  • take out auto increment insert into from db files.
  • Mihaela will provide templates for insert into, delete and update.
  • Fix the database that removes the additional foreign keys.
  • Screen Shot Landing page and create use cases.