Internship2Career:2011 Spring Database Documentation

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Internship2Career database diagram

Instructions for adding a diagram

  • Edit the home page.


  • on the database design page


  • File:Filename.png
  • (filename.png) is the file name to be added.
  • Save the page and it will ask to upload an image when you click the image link.
  • Add the image and the link on the page will update to the picture.

Instruction for installing the database

  • Download the i2c files off of
  • Start xampp and run mysql and apache.
  • Open a browser and put http://localhost/i2c/install/index.php in the url bar.
  • If you have not installed the database previously then it should say successfully installed.
  • If you have installed the database it will tell you that it already exists. To re-install it type the password “password” and it will delete the old database and install a new copy.

Dependency Graph of "Child-of" Relationships

"Child-of" dependencies in the i2c database (UML class diagram)