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Project Description


The purpose of the system is to provide information on the store locations to in house users. At a later date the system will also provide information on distances between locations and travel times.


Equator Mapping records highly accurate, sub-meter data about the location of your resources, then we process that data, transforming it into powerful visuals that help you to know and utilize your resources better. The current system employs a suite of geographic information system software called ArcGIS. It is a proprietary software that runs on a windows environment. The problem with the current system is the cost of the licensing fee which is approximately $26,000.00 per year. The new system will be able to

  • Provide the capability to query the data to locate individual stores and contact information as well as other attributes.
  • Capability for user to add a location from a complete list of barangay.
  • Create a system where a user can select a province, town and barangay then “enable” or make the barangay center point visible and add it to the list of stores. Keep in mind that barangay names are not unique so a single name may be used in different parts of the country.
  • Likewise, the ability to remove a barangay in case it was accidentally enabled or the store is no longer a member of the Hapinoy group of stores

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