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Example of Basic Interactive Map site


This is a decent example of a basic site with an interactive map. It comes from the Web Mapping Illustrated book. One can view the source code though as a reference.

(i.e. <form method=GET action="/cgi-bin/mapserv">, etc.)

Tools For Mapserver

MapWindow GIS
MapWindow GIS desktop application is a free, open source, standards-based standalone software package that you can use to view and edit GIS data in many file formats. The software includes plug-ins for various geoprocessing tasks (e.g. buffer, merge, etc.), watershed delineation, accessing online data sources, and an experimental geodatabase plug-in. The attribute table editor can be used to write simple queries, and there is a complete scripting editor that allows you to write and run scripts in VB.NET and C# directly in the MapWindow program.

You can download it here: MapWindow download
Please chose this one: MapWindowx86Full-v48RC1-installer.exe (27 MB - March 24 2010.) Full MapWindow GIS application installation - v4.8 First release candidate. For 32-bit machines (x86 and WOW64).

Posted by Damir

Web Mapping Illustrated

Web Mapping Illustrated

Web Mapping Illustrated is a great resource for learning about Mapserver. It is an entire book that can be accessed through Safari Books. Sign into Blackboard, go to the Library tab, and then "Connect to Databases". From there, go to the S's, and the first option will be Safari Books Online. Click, and you can search the title. It will bring up a free book that includes all kinds of information on building maps and using Mapserver, including, but not limited to:

  • Installing Mapserver
  • Converting and Viewing Maps
  • Publishing Interactive Maps on the Web
  • Accessing Maps through Web Services
  • Creating and Managing a "spatial" database...(not sure what that means)
  • etc. etc.